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  1. I'm sticking to PC and Mac formatted discs, but if they also talk about console stuff (like the Ultra Gameplayers discs), I'll take them. Console demo discs from stuff like OPM or Xbox have been taken care of by a lot of people already, but there might be some folks who'd be interested. Thank you, but I'm sticking to computer stuff! Lots of PS stuff has been preserved already.
  2. I appreciate that, thank you. I'll ping you with an updated list once I get this package and update things. I might also need to get some replacement discs since some of these are in very poor shape because I didn't take care of my CDs as a kid. So we'll see.
  3. What the topic says. I'm trying to get as many game magazine CDs (and those with gaming content of any sort) to start cataloguing them, index their contents, and eventually post the disc images online. Think of it as a complementary project to the work being done by both Retromags and Gaming Alexandria. I want to do magazines too, but that's far beyond my current capabilities. I'd basically take the discs, scan them, dump them to Redump specifications, post a list of their contents somewhere (this is still being worked on), and eventually post the Redump spec dumps online. A mostly complete list of what I have can be seen here. I'm waiting for a package to arrive, and I have a small bundle of discs that I haven't catalogued yet since I'm looking for secure ways to store them. My mailing address is in the US of A. I'd be happy to buy or trade for stuff. Lemme know if you can help.
  4. Through sheer luck, I managed to find a brand new Brother ADS-1700W in town for a very affordable price. It can do up to 600 DPI in color, which is more than enough for the stuff I'm thinking of scanning - game magazines from Mexico which are largely unpreserved. I think I sent a bunch of stuff here for scanning, but I should still have some stuff in storage. My main concern right now is figuring out a way to calibrate the scans. Can I use one of those color targets in ADF scanners? I don't know how those work, so I'm pretty clueless. Also, some of these magazines have glue binding. Will any hairdrier work to loosen the glue, or do I have to get something with a specific heat / speed?
  5. Well, I forgot about this thread... Looks like the magazine isn't canceled after all. They have issue 71 at their website, but the link doesn't seem to work for me - and they took down the links to their earlier issues. https://egmnow.com/magazine/ Edit: uBlock was stopping it from loading. But man, they made it a cell phone magazine now... it's a mixture of images and HTML pages. It looks awful.
  6. Thanks. I think someone beat me to adding them just now... Edit again: MigJmz added all the issues up to 60, but I'm filling in dates, pages and other info as I can find it. I'll finish that tomorrow.
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