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  1. Finally, the OXM lot of magazines listing is live on ebay: I've started the bidding price very generously considering how far back these issues go. If you're looking for an extensive collection of OXM issues with their demo discs, this is a great opportunity :)
  2. Hi everyone, the Tips & Tricks Magazines/Codebooks Lot is now active on Ebay: The lot equates to less than $2 per issue! Will work on OXM magazine lot within the next few days, stay tuned, this one will be gigantic!
  3. Thanks! I will hopefully be posting in a few days a large lot of Tips & Tricks and Official Xbox Magazine issues.
  4. I posted some pictures of the PSP issue on the listing now. The first one had a bit of a shadow effect from camera, the second one is more how it looks like. Not too easy taking pictures of the water wear. Also uploaded now: Playstation The Official Magazine Premiere Issue: Nintendo Power Advance Issues 1 and 2: PSM Magazine PS3 Launch Special Issue 117: Xbox Nation Issues 7-9; 16: GameNOW issues 18-19; 24-27 (27 is final issue): Official US Playstation Magazine Final Issue (Issue 112): There are some rare specials on my ebay storefront as well, including the final issue of Nintendo Power and rare 40+ poster supplement if anyone is interested. This concludes the listings I'll be posting for May. These were the easier issues to post. Next month after June 3 I'll begin with the larger lots of Tips & Tricks, Tips & Tricks Code Vault, Gamepro, Gamepro Code Vault, Game Informer, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Official Xbox Magazine, and some other minor small lots such as PC Gamer and Gamer.
  5. Thanks, I got it. If you need more pictures I can also share some more with you, of Pocket Games Magazines please let me know. Those are all of the Pocket Games issues I have, they were difficult to find in stores growing up. I will be uploading more magazines over the next two weeks which includes: Xbox Nation, Tips & Tricks, Gamepro, Gamepro Code Vaults, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Official Xbox Magazine, GameNOW, Gamer, Nintendo Power Advance, Game Informer, and a few issues of PC Gamer, Official Playstation Magazine, and PSM. *whew* This is going to take awhile, so stay tuned I will be listing them mainly as lots, and will give everyone here a heads up when they are posted with links.
  6. Hi everyone, I have decided to begin listing the video game magazines on ebay. Up currently is play magazine and Pocket Games Magazines lot:
  7. Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've been on this site, though I am back again to offer anyone the above-mentioned collection, plus some more I found. I will be renting a car near the end of May and can drive as far as to Orlando. I have boxes of: Official Xbox Magazine + demo discs, a few of Xbox Nation Tips & Tricks Nintendo Power GamerNow GamePro Game Informer Electronic Gaming Monthly Plus some other random video game magazines. Some as far as back as 2001, many also from 2006-2010-ish. About 10 small boxes (imagine a box size a little bit larger than an Xbox 360 box). You could probably fit them all in a car trunk + back seats. These magazines I hope would be used for this wonderful website in some way to preserve in the future.
  8. The last video game system I purchased was another Xbox 360 because my old one died last month >_<
  9. My favorite system is probably the Original Xbox. I still have it hooked up. Finally bought the original Forza (yes, I never played the game, just the demo). I liked the Forza Horizon series so I thought I'd go back to where Forza first began
  10. I am playing Perfect Dark on Xbox LIVE Arcade if that counts Love the game, always will!
  11. Halo 4! I really didn't like where the series went... :( Of course lots of people love it.. The campaign was so weird I stopped playing after the second chapter.. new aliens and weapons (and no duals), very weird. At least the grunts were funny. I wasn't a big fan of most of the multiplayer maps as well :(
  12. Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon is a Wii game that I still think about many years later. Loved the game, environments, storytelling... really wish a sequel of some kind would happen.. with similar beautiful music and graphics *sighs*
  13. Hi everyone! This website is amazing (I've been following this site for years). As such, I would like to give back to members like each of you and donate some video game magazines that may hopefully be added one day here (if they are not already). The only catch is that you would have to be willing to drive to pick them up in South Florida (I can drive as far as Orlando to donate them). I am not shipping them, the costs would be way too expensive! Sorry :( I have video game magazines from as far back as 2002 from Nintendo Power, Gamepro, Tips & Tricks. I also have a few issues of GamrNOW (or something of that kind, it was a Ziff Davis publication), Play (these are more recent issues), and some Gamepro Code Vault and Xbox Nation and other random issues. I also have a collection of Official Xbox Magazines (the US version) with the demo disks from 2006 and onward. These magazines were my childhood and I treasure them. As such, I hope the person who gets these magazines will treasure them too. They are all in great condition (pretty much) though some may have subscriber tags on them. I would prefer to donate all of these magazines at one time. They are neatly packed in small boxes (about 5 or 6 boxes, maybe more). I am in Florida until March 8. If I don't hear back, I will bump this thread again when I return. Thanks
  14. Hello Silvercube, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

    1. Silvercube


      Thanks, it's an honor to be here :)