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  1. They've been debound, hole-punched, and rebound via Warehouse Stationary (easier to use on the piano).
  2. Hey! I'm Swamp. Age 28 born and raised in Chicago. Ex-military (U.S. Air Force), living in New Zealand atm. I've been into collecting magazines since I was young. I remember writing down cheat codes from the Tips & Tricks magazines at Walgreens and grocery stores as my parents went shopping. I found this site after searching online for the Holidays issue of the ODCM (US). I found it here, as well as this awesome community. I'll do my best to win some Famitsu issues for donations.
  3. Awesome! I can send you the sheet music books first. They've already been bound, sadly, but no worries. It'll make it easier to access the pages.
  4. To relive the good ol' days of gaming, when replay-values were high and the competition was fierce. Great journalism, fun ads, and cool Japan-reports!
  5. I tend to gravitate toward Streets of Rage Remake; It's a fan-made Streets of Rage game (combines ALL 3 games in a choose-you-own-adventure style of game. Every track from the trilogy has been remixed. It has multiple endings and tons of secrets to unlock (and buy with your in-game currency). It's short, simple (yet complicated), has good music, and is fun to chill out to. That and The Typing of the Dead. I get to up my typing skills and get to enjoy the awesome voice acting (haha).
  6. I used to go physical all the way years ago. Since then, I've found a love of traveling (light). Because of this, I prefer digital media these days. It's a good feeling bringing over my flash drive over to a friend's place w/ my Xbox Live profile + games intact. I'll still pick up physical games if it's a super-special edition. #SonicMania #Shenmue3 #BloodStained
  7. I like in Hamilton, NZ and also have a few books to donate: A few King of Fighters '98 strategy guides (Japanese) and a few official sheet music books (also Japanese): Final Fantasy VII Chrono Trigger Legend of Zelda Collection Final Fantasy IV and a few sheet books from Rurouni Kenshin (anime). My only thing is that I would like them via .pdf files. You can keep the books afterwards.
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