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  1. Hey! I'm Swamp. Age 28 born and raised in Chicago. Ex-military (U.S. Air Force), living in New Zealand atm. I've been into collecting magazines since I was young. I remember writing down cheat codes from the Tips & Tricks magazines at Walgreens and grocery stores as my parents went shopping.


    I found this site after searching online for the Holidays issue of the ODCM (US). I found it here, as well as this awesome community. I'll do my best to win some Famitsu issues for donations. 

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  2. I debind the magazines/books to scan them to go through the document scanner so getting them back is not really an option but yes, I only use PDF format on my website so that wouldn't be a problem.


    Maybe you could send one through that is less important to you and I'll scan it and you can see if the quality is acceptable to you? The only problem I have is whether or not they would attract the attention of the publishers and their lawyers if we made them available.



    Awesome! I can send you the sheet music books first. They've already been bound, sadly, but no worries. It'll make it easier to access the pages. 

  3. I tend to gravitate toward Streets of Rage Remake; It's a fan-made Streets of Rage game (combines ALL 3 games in a choose-you-own-adventure style of game. Every track from the trilogy has been remixed. It has multiple endings and tons of secrets to unlock (and buy with your in-game currency). It's short, simple (yet complicated), has good music, and is fun to chill out to.


    That and The Typing of the Dead. I get to up my typing skills and get to enjoy the awesome voice acting (haha). 

  4. I used to go physical all the way years ago. Since then, I've found a love of traveling (light). Because of this, I prefer digital media these days. It's a good feeling bringing over my flash drive over to a friend's place w/ my Xbox Live profile + games intact. I'll still pick up physical games if it's a super-special edition.


    #SonicMania #Shenmue3 #BloodStained

  5. Hiya,


    I don't normally reply to posts offering magazines on Retromags as I run my own website so do not want to be seen to be poaching content however I can advise that Edge 118 has already been scanned and is available over at OGM along with issues 2, 3 & 4 of Ultimate Future Games so I'd be really keen to acquire your issues of that magazine along with Edge 35 to fill in some blanks in the archive. I live in New Zealand however so I'm guessing postage will be a fair bit. If you are willing to look at it get a cost to ship to Auckland, New Zealand and if it isn't out of the ballpark expensive let me know and we'll try and work things out.




    I like in Hamilton, NZ and also have a few books to donate:


    A few King of Fighters '98 strategy guides (Japanese) and a few official sheet music books (also Japanese):


    Final Fantasy VII

    Chrono Trigger

    Legend of Zelda Collection

    Final Fantasy IV

    and a few sheet books from Rurouni Kenshin (anime).


    My only thing is that I would like them via .pdf files. You can keep the books afterwards.

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