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  1. Okay, just for shits and giggles, I sat down and photographed the cover of the 70 issues of Famitsu I have and checked them against Retromag's Famitsu database, and, yeah, it seems that barely any of these are actually in the database. Crazy. Anyway, now to figure out how to scan all this stuff (and thanks to you guys for all this scanner advice):
  2. Thanks for the advice, guys - I was wondering how good scans of a top-down open-spread magazine scanner like those CZUR machines could be, and I admit that HUGE part of the appeal of using something like that would be, yeah, that I wouldn't have to destroy these magazines/yearbooks AND I'd be able to scan them relatively quickly just by flipping the pages and pressing a button (I'm an artist who grew up using flatbed scanners to scan artwork and books/magazines for reference and I swore I'd never go back to that way of laboriously digitizing piles of paper unless my life depended on it.) Also, I had no idea that Retromags held itself in such high regards (at least in comparison to archive.org) - not that I'm complaining, I'm glad that someone is taking this as seriously as humanly possible and is working to archive stuff like this at a professional level. That said, is there a FAQ anywhere of what Retromag's standards are in regards to file formats, file sizes, acceptable resolutions, etc.? I'm not sure I can live up to the expectations here, but I'd like to at least have a firm grasp of how high the bar is before considering whether or not I can jump it.
  3. Hey all - So, about 2 years ago I bought a lot of Famitsu magazines (maybe 50 in all, from 1987-88 and 92-93, along with a few weird little yearbook compilation books), and I was thinking about investing in a book/magazine scanner to get these uploaded, but before I pulled the trigger, I thought I'd ask to see what everyone else uses to scan their magazines and if anyone has Mac-compatible hardware recommendations (I've been looking at some scanners on Amazon, and the CZURE ET16 is pretty much the fanciest scanner I can manage right now, for $400).
  4. Hello Mudron, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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