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  1. Got two new AMAZING canvases today for my Home Office. Long live… https://t.co/axvcP0ye6v

  2. Who will be playing our @cavs we got a shootout here!!!

  3. @souleschris @ChevyTrucks So many things could be said about the truck in this photo...So many... SMH

  4. Ready for this Warriors game

  5. Nail biting..... @cavs

  6. Easton/Jill/Kyle https://t.co/BP8jhyP27F

  7. @VANDYVAPE please please please send this beauty my way!!! Cant wait!!

  8. I see u https://t.co/JIUhZuEA3D

  9. Just posted a photo https://t.co/7yPSvpvtYp

  10. Why am I addicted to #mybigfatfablife

  11. Like father like son eh..? Jerry Sandusky's son Jeffrey arrested on child sex charges https://t.co/czveLwC1SR

  12. Hello Ft Lauderdale #florida https://t.co/sjqixVWDGI

  13. Donald Trump's most bone-chilling tweet - CNN. Omg my bones are so chilly now!! SMH. Media lol https://t.co/v00nGNmgW6