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  1. apparently it was a unreleased issue... oops, i guess that's what i get for being an outsider
  2. scratch that, there is 4 issues however issue #2 and #3 both say volume 1. no. 2 inside the printing, error by the publisher, i didn't have the 2nd issue up until now
  3. you need a post count of 25+ to see the magnet link?
  4. there's an error in your database https://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/colecovision-experience/#.WIrm_EApN58 you list 4 issues when there's only 3 there is no summer 1983 issue fall 1983 is the 2nd issue and winter 1984 is the 3rd i have the other 2 issue copies, it says volume 1 no 2 and volume 1 no 3
  5. i seen you had download links for non retro mag scans
  6. hey i got a pcgamer issue 8 jan 95 & issue 14 jul 95 cbz ready, let me know
  7. thanks for the donations, more always welcomed
  8. upgrading is always good, unless it's to a updated web browser where they've decided to rearrange everything for beneficial reason
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