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  1. Woohoo! Been looking forward to this!
  2. Well credit to all of you then because this is a wonderful collection of nostalgia you're curating here. And, at least to people like me, this is important work.
  3. Oh awesome, that makes me really happy - I hate get rid of these things! I'll get my catalog together and reach out. Thank you for the super fast response and also for the awesome site!
  4. Hey all, been a browser of Retromags for a long time, but never really posted anything here. Doing so today because I'm in the process of moving and I'm finding that I have a fair number of magazines that appear to be missing from this database. Unfortunately, I do not currently have the time or equipment to scan them in, and I'm not in a position to bring them with me when I move. I really hate to get rid of anything that the community might be missing, but I'm not too sure that there are any options available to me at this point. Can anyone offer any advice here? Very much appreciate any thoughtful responses.
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