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  1. I'm buying the Switch and plan to pre-order tomorrow morning (hopefully) (assuming that's the announcment later this evening) I'll rep Nintendo till my hands can't play anymore. P.S. not a fanboy, just a fan of games in general. The Switch will look nice next to my Sony and MS consoles too
  2. alexis524

    Where should Retromags fill holes first?

    Wish i could change my vote after reading through the entire topic. I voted for NP, buuuut since i'll have to wait another oh, 6 years for last NP to considered safe to download, i'd like to see EGM get completed.
  3. alexis524

    Welcome to Retromags! Introduce Yourself (2016 Edition)

    Hi, new to the site/forums but not new to gaming. Been gaming for the past 30 years and looking to preserve some nostalgia. Love cooking, snowboarding, and progressive jazz. Thanks for having me:)
  4. Hello alexis524, Welcome to the Retromags Community!