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  1. Most Important Consoles Of All Time

    I think without the NES and Genesis, home consoles would have been obsolete after the VG crash in the early/mid 80s
  2. Will all retro games stop being sold?

    While Gamestop will stop selling older games, stores like GameOver and Replay Games (houston locals) sell games from all consoles going back to atari. I have spent hundreds of dollars at these stores
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time

    I had a poster for TMNT IV as a kid but my parents threw it away when I moved out...sadness
  4. The Mortal Kombat Series

    I loved MK 3 Ultimate because it had the most finishers of the SNES bunch and the most characters.
  5. What were your go to games when Arcades were king?

    I LOVED Time Traveller, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Sampson's Arcade, and X-Men arcade
  6. Top 10 NES Titles

    1 Kung Fu Heroes 2 TMNT II 3-5 Super Mario Bros 1-3 6 Castlevania 7 Metroid 8 Meagan 2 9 Super Dodgeball 10 Ninja Gaiden II
  7. Top 10 PS1 Titles

    I only need 2, Resident Evil and Castlevania SOTN
  8. Earliest Gaming Memory

    I got Turtles in Time for christmas and wanted to play by myself. My mom said I HAD to play with my brother so I got pissed and hid the cartridge. I then forgot where I hid it and couldn't find it for 6 months. When I found it I was so excited to play that I had no problem playing with my brother.
  9. Twisted Metal

    I love the Twisted Metal franchise. I never played the newer one on PS3 but I am trying to get my friend to give me his copy.
  10. Top 10 Super Nintendo Titles

    All of these lists are pretty good top tens.
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