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  1. Where you from?

  2. I still have all of my "Dangerous Waters" newsletters (#'s 9-21). Yeh you had to get them through the mail. Remember being kind of disappointed when I got the first few because they were so cheap looking.. just codes on green paper. It wasn't until a few newsletters later where they started printing them in color on nice glossy paper. I remember the whole reason I begged my Mom for a Gameshark was because at the time Resident Evil 2 hadn't come out yet. But if you had RE Directors Cut that came with the RE2 demo disc, you could use the Gameshark to get farther in the demo than you were supposed to.. gave you some keys to open a few more doors until finally the game would crash or something.. but yeh after that I was sold on getting more codes for other games so I begged my Mom for Dangerous Waters.. I see #14 is missing from the list above and I have it. I'll be happy to scan and upload it here.. just been kinda looking around the site trying to figure out the rules/process first.. and I know nothing about creating .cbr or .cbz
  3. Just found out about this site today. Born in the 80's, been gaming since the 90's. Used to have 3 boxes full of game mags up until 2002 when I graduated and my family decided to move.. and for some reason during the move my mom threw away 2 of the boxes.. saying something like "oh you weren't really ever going to look through those magazines again" ...chyeaa thanks. Well over the years and all the moving around I've still somehow managed to keep that one box with me. It's a mixed bag really, mainly Tips & Tricks which was my fav. But yeh I can't wait to explore and contribute to this site! -Dre
  4. Hello Dre, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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      Thanks Phillyman! It's a pleasure to be here.