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  1. Yeah I know about My Life in Gaming channel. they are amazing at what they do and get very detailed. And you can get pretty good quality if you're willing to spend money. However even they say that a CRT provides the best picture as it was designed for it. But I guess both choices work. If you feel nostalgia and want the exact feeling and quality you're used to then go with CRTs but if you don't have the space for it, which is understandable especially when some of these old TVs can be quite heavy like the Sony Wega that I own, then buying some good upscalers for HDTVs would work out too. Even emulators work fine if you're desperate and you don't own the console or the game anymore.
  2. For me it's Legend of Legaia.. I played when I was a child and wanted to buy later but it's so expensive sadly.. Great game
  3. I used to wonder like you before and struggled to find the best way to play older games on HDTVs but I believe the best way to enjoy the old classics is with a CRT TVs. these older games are designed for and will look the best in them. try playing Resident Evil 2 on HDTV with composite and then switch to CRT. It looks so perfect on CRT while HDTV is blurry mess! Good luck!
  4. I love to go back and replay Final Fantasy VII-VIII-IX-X. They are such a joy to play again because of how much love was coded into them. Tomb Raider II I always remember and start playing and appreciating it again ( The Venice level is one of my favorites ) Also I recently started started playing Chronicles again and it's better than I remember! I don't know why I didn't enjoy it as much the first time I played it. Other awesome games like Resident Evil 1-2-3 and Silent Hill. and many more lol
  5. I still kick myself for lending Final Fantasy VII to my friend in elementary school. I remember him begging me so much to lent him the game on the bus to home. So I gave it to him. And each week would pass he would tell me something about the condition of the game. Things like, "oh my nephew tore the manual" eventually I got the game back in a really sad condition. Discs 2 and 3 would fall from the case. not to mention how scratched the the discs are, cutscenes would stutter a lot of the time, and sometimes it would just hang. I swore not to lend him any other game. I didn't get rid of the game though I still have it lol
  6. I always love to play my old games. probable two times a week. I hope my old PS2 slim not give up on me.
  7. 1- Final Fantasy VIII 2- Metal Gear Solid 3- Resident Evil 4- Silent Hill 5- Crash Bandicoot 2 6- Spyro trilogy 7- Tomb Raider 2 8- Syphon Filter 2 9- Tekken 2 10- Driver The PS1 is such an awesome console.
  8. My first ever console was the Famicom. where I lived, we didn't get the NES. Not only that, it was a hacked one where it had like more than a 100 games, similar to the NES classic nowadays. But my fondest memories were of the PS1. Games like RE,SH,FF..etc were my favorites. I remember running from my room out of fear after the first monster broke the window in Silent Hill lol
  9. Hello coolisami, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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