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  1. VirtMcPolygon

    Selling a huge 90s games mag collection

    I have multiple copies of some magazines I can donate for scanning, by the way. Many in mint condition. I've not had time to check and catalogue all of them yet though. These are my read-and-loved issues that I need to pass on in bulk.
  2. Hi, I bought pretty much every issue of every Sega magazine out there from 1992-1995. They've been kept in storage for 20 years with loads of posters, books and other free gifts that came with them, and I now finally need the space they've been taking up so I'm selling them all on Ebay. I don't have time to break the sets up so they need to go as full collections I'm afraid. Just in case any of you guys are interested in a bulk load of stuff, here's the links: Sega Power Sega Pro GamesMaster Mega Sega Force and Sega Force Mega Mega Drive Advanced Gaming Mean Machines Sega Megatech Official Sega Magazine MAXIMUM Sorry if this is against the spirit of the forum but I wanted to flag them up to the group of people who might be most interested in them! I doubt many other people kept the free gifts and posters like I did. Cheers.