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  1. muller23

    PC Pilot

    hi guys any scanners from the UK regards muller
  2. muller23

    PC Pilot

    hi guys I need scanner person in the USA ,the reason for this ,to buy the editions over there and scan them as well ,i will pay in advanced,its a lot cheaper doing it over there then shipping to Australia. some issues costing only a few bucks over there,but for me shipping is very costly.So far i can get 5 to 6 editions over there.Amazon and Ebay. if anybody is interested just drop me line thanks regards muller
  3. muller23

    PC Pilot

    No ,you not alone here,i am on a mission here ,to get every single 1 of them if anybody got hard copy's that would be nice thanks
  4. muller23

    PC Pilot

    hi guys Any chance on putting or getting PC Pilot on board here.You can not buy a digital version from 1999 until 2009 and printed version are only a few out there for sale .(ebay) thanks regards muller