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  1. MigJmz

    New Release - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

    yikes that cover! I'll fix it up for you.
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    Hyper 234 (April 2013)

  3. MigJmz

    Hyper 233 (March 2013)

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    The N64 Book (2016)

    Celebrate 20 years of the Nintendo 64 with our brand new book. We’ve not only opened the Retro Gamer vaults to gain access to our very best features, but have also created brand new content that’s never before been featured in the magazine. From Super Mario 64 to Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, every key N64 game is covered. Featuring: Nintendo 64: A Celebration - 64 reasons to celebrate the N64, from its classic games, to its incredible innovations. Ultimate Guide: Super Mario 64 - A brand new feature celebrating one of gaming’s greatest launch games. How Rare Ruled The N64 - Key staff from Rare, reveal how they created some of the console’s best titles. The N64 Collector’s Guide - Everything you need to know about collecting for Nintendo’s classic console.