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  1. MigJmz

    MEGA 22 (July 1994)

  2. MigJmz

    MEGA 35 (August 1995)

  3. MigJmz

    MEGA 31 (April 1995)

  4. MigJmz

    MEGA 11 (August 1993)

  5. MigJmz

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    Don't do Gamest April '91! I'm working on that one right now.
  6. my bad, my bad. Looks cool though!
  7. CDisplayEx. It looks more like a book, i dunno!
  8. i straightened the pages and adjusted the corners to have no white gap. I also made a quick cbr to view them in a reader (where the screenshot came from). It uses a shadow effect for the middle crease. Here they are with a 'Increase contrast' Curve. For Testing.
  9. alright, no paint. I think increasing contrast is the best bet.