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  1. archive.org is probably your best bet
  3. I contacted Areal for file approval. Lets wait and see. There we go. It sucks that we cant approve our own files.
  4. I sometimes have that problem. Best you can do is just edit the page and paste the link to the file like I did for you. Phillyman needs to look into that. Where did you release Electronic Games? Did you create a file? I dont see it listed. You have to create a file. If you did Philly or Eday probably have to approve it to see it. It will appear when they do.
  5. actually its 'Upload to new version'. Thats it. And were using 2019 Update Pack 4
  6. this goes to Issue 29, not 1. Fix the page with http://leech.retromags.com/updates/Retromags 2019 Update Torrent 3/Official Xbox Magazine Issue 1 (December 2001).cbz
  7. Retromags Presents! EGM's 1998 Video Game Buyer's Guide Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: Phillyman    Edited By: MigJmz    Uploaded By: Guest Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
  8. 157 downloads

    EGM's 1998 Video Game Buyer's Guide - a great year for video games.
  9. ooh i Have 195 and its a alternate subscription cover
  10. dammit you're making it hard to contribute anything to RM can you tell me which gamepros you AREN'T DOING? From issues 180 to 230 range.
  11. i might chop up my Gamepro #189 if no one is doing this issue. Let me know.
  12. Some ads are out of order if you care to fix.
  13. woops didnt see.. He's doing every Philly scan there is.
  14. Finishing up 1998 EGM Buyers Guide soon added CGW April 1999 to the to-do list maybe ill go back to unedited marktrades PCG's then...
  15. Adding both files to server. But Phillyman needs to add these magazines to the 'Create File Download' option since its not selectable yet. Awesome edits by the way. Looking nice.
  16. I just like a clean cover. Especially if its hi res and fixing a simple scratch or 2 shouldn't be a big deal. At least the cover should be perfect as possible before you see the imperfections inside. >> My personal pet peeve is scan lines, since those aren't even part of the magazine and can be avoided if the scanner glass is kept clean, but I see those in scans here all the time and have learned to live with them. These are the worse and slows editing down considerably. Especially when they are through a block of text. I just accept to leave them. Grrr.
  17. yikes you could at least edit the scratches on the cover. Which i already did for the gallery database.