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  1. Retro Fusion was a printed multimedia retro magazine that not only featured a healthy dose of retrogaming but also included articles on retro films and retro TV. Issue zero was launched back in December 2005, with issues 1 and 2 being released throughout Gamestation stores across the UK in 2006. The first two issues were published years ago but it has recently enjoyed a revival via a successful IndieGoGo project in 2012 and was renamed Fusion magazine.
  2. The most annoying part of scanning for sure. The best tip i say is to use the side edge of the scanner so the page is straightened. Then I would put a weighted book or something on top of the page so it doesn't move around when closing the lid. The thingy that is attached to the scanner lid isn't so good from my experience it doesn't provide much of holding the page in place. Check the edges one more time with the weighted book before closing and the page should scan correctly.