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  1. 9 hours ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    Not sure I understand what you're saying about foldout ads and insert cards.  As for joins, if you make them into a single picture first, they look fine viewed in two-page mode.  Just merge them into a single pic (will take some photoshop magic) then cut away the second page.  Crop the remaining page perfectly (zoom way in so you can see the pixels) and save it.  Then, using the crop tool again, open up a large empty space next to the first page.  Paste the second page there, and crop out the first page.  Save.  Now the pages will look just as seamless in two-page view as they did as a single image.


    That's a neat trick will do that from here on out


    Nah, they don't care.  I've seen people upload unedited raws of 600dpi scans there where the cbr is nearly 2 GB.  Regarding your scan, since you've only scanned it at 300dpi, you could have saved it at 3200px high and quality 9 and ended up with a higher quality file that took up less space than 2200 saved at 12.  You did notice that saving a file at quality 12 actually makes the filesize bigger than the original, right?

    I have trouble uploading big files on archive.org. Always gets messed up. My original scans are around 3200ish so I reduce them a little to save. But 12q is a bit overkill. Will correct in the future.


    You can thank me for doing the work to join the ads, but there's no need to thank me for adding them to the site like that's something special.  You or anyone else is free to add to the galleries whenever you like.  The only reason I'm the only person to upload things around here is that everyone else is too lazy.😋

    Ok cool. I'm improving all of the double ads so there's lots to add in the gallery

  2. Some pages needed to be improve IMO but right now its presentable so I released it as v1.

    The cover does have a fill. The cover has a weird metallic looking blue to it. The problem is my mag as wrinkles on the cover making it hard to use the original color. Best I can do is use a color similar to it. Heres the original scan:


    Any help to it is appreciated.

    One of my changes I decided is to make the dual ads join together. I hate how it looks when viewed double paged in a comic book reader. The reason there not joined is because  of the fold out ads and the stupid subscriber insert card 😞

    As for the page sizes and quality I do make it smaller for archive.org. I think they hate big files i don't know. For future releases i'll try smaller quality bigger resolution as you said.

    Thanks for adding some of my ads to the site!