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  1. Nice, the ix500 goes pretty cheap on eBay, might consider doing that at some point.
  2. The reason I originally posted was because I was frustrated with the results I was getting. The distortion was a problem and getting a consistent crop seemed to be impossible with the software I was using. I'm sure I can get a useful scan done, but the amount of time to do it will be prohibitive beyond one issue. Add to that my OCDs will be in high gear at any imperfections. Appreciate the feedback kitsunebi77.
  3. Thanks so much for the detailed responses! I'm a big fan of VG&CE, so I plan to be buying up a bunch more (and eventually have a complete collection). Even though I'm not going to damage the issues I have (they are ones I've personally saved that were deliver to me back then), I'm sure I'll buy some lots that have dupes in my collection and I can debind them. Would love to contribute eventually. Thanks!
  4. I have 3 VG&CE issues that I'd like to contribute as scans: October 1989 February 1992 October 1992 I don't want to de-staple (damage) my issues. Do you have any recommendations on the best way to scan these and what the best scanning software to use is (windows or mac)? I tried the default mac scan software and canoscan for the mac, both of which were sub par. I'm also curious what criteria you guys have for accepting new issues. I was going to try and adhere as close to what the current VG&CE issue specs are to keep things consistent. I apologize if these questions are already answered elsewhere, I was unable to find adequate answers.