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  1. With the mind that not all crowdfunded ideals come true, they seem to address all those issues. It has a light built in, so the lighting is standard across the board (no accounting for glare) and the little bits on the edge don't do enough for me to tear through my collection. I suppose if someone's doing it at least it's only one copy though, you're right. Whenever the thing gets in I'll let you all know how it turns out either way
  2. (Now with 100% more link!)
  3. Holy crud I had no idea you guys are wrecking the magazines you scan! I've got one of these on order for the end of the year, and if it does what it says it will do, it digitally corrects for the natural curve of a non-flattened magazine while scanning and auto-fixing color/skewing. I will post when I get it in to see how well it performs, but those poor poor magazines all getting shredded...