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  1. Need to figure out this whole retro scene before I give any mags away. Will be much better in the long run until I can figure out what is worth what. In the meantime if a regular needs to get in contact with me then PLEASE DO.
  2. your only allowed to upload 512kb Really guys? Hi have so much mags win to share. Why are you making this so hard?
  3. Here are some pics because at the end of the day anyone can say that they have rare magazines but it's harder to prove it.
  4. Hi I have just picked up my collection of game magazines from the 90's from my parents house. There are a couple of hundred magazines including about 10 issue 1's. However I'm not sure if any of them are rare or not rare at all. If I have some rare titles how can I find out so I can scan those and upload them?