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  1. The Wii. I bought it hoping the Virtual Console would be a viable source for old games but they trickled the titles out and I lost interest in it.
  2. Virtual Magazines Shelf

    Yep, that was it. I see it now. Thanks.
  3. Virtual Magazines Shelf

    Nope, not registered. Maybe that is why.
  4. Virtual Magazines Shelf

    I tried that download link but the file is missing. Is it taken down? I'd like to try this. It looks great.
  5. Castlevania (Netflix series)

    Look decent. The NES intro and it looks like Belmont there with the whip, that gives me hope. I was afraid this show would be based off the last few third person Castlevania games which I really didn't play much of because, well, they were not Castlevania.