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  1. Chaining The Databases Together

    Been lurking for a while, long enough that I started to feel bad for not contributing. Seeing that I have no coding skills to speak of, don't own a scanner, and was forced to bin my collection of mags in a traumatic move a few years back, I figure the best way (besides chipping in for a patronage next chance I get) for me to contribute would be adding content info into the database. However, while putting together the data for my first entry, the bare bones state of this feature made it feel like I was doing a lot of work for little benefit. So I started looking around the forums to see if there'd been any discussion of adding more utility to the databases. Reading this thread made me really excited, and I would love to contribute to making this feature as useful and valuable as possible. Having interlinked, searchable contents information for all these old print games mags would be an amazing tool both for fans, journalists and scholars. The tireless work done by the collectors, preservationists and scanners in the community -- not just on Retromags, but all its various counterparts -- is incredible, and I feel like the functionality outlined by @Phillyman here would be an immeasurable help in giving their efforts the utility they richly deserve. /hyperbole Like I said, @Phillyman , my coding skills are virtually non-existent, but if there's any kind of menial data entry type scutwork you need done in order to put these features into place, please let me know.