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  1. Thank you so much! I love dengeki's magazines. Never had a chance yet to read a Dengeki SFC though, so I'm pretty excited
  2. Sorry I just woke up, and I entirely misread your post, I thought you weren't willing to provide content because number didn't grew up, and not because of the function of the site didn't work anymore. I really feel dumb now, haha... But what I said is still valid nonetheless. Thanks for your work, and I hope you will find the motivation to keep going one day because I appreciate your work.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, I just discovered this site not a long time ago and I have to say I appreciate your work very much. Anyway, I'm pretty sad you decided to stop it but I respect your decision. Financially, I'm not in a really good spot right now, but I think if I could find easily a way to thank you for your work I would give you what I can as donations or whatever. To be honest I just found your post, seeking to find a way to support your work. Obviously I can't say for sure but maybe a lot of people who use what you worked for, feels the same way. So maybe try to work on that instead of quitting ? Also Forget what I just said if there is a way to support you which is easy findable, I might have missed it... as I said I'm very new in here. In any case if you want to stop there, I want to thank you for your work I really appreciate the fruit of your labour. I didn't research too much about it so sorry if it's a dumb question, but I wanted to ask too if you knew any place where I can learn how to scan stuffs as cleanly as possible ? I'm willing to give it a shot, especially when I will have money too. Because I just found out old issues of japanese video games magazine are pretty expensive and rare. But I might want to try it too, see if I can provide content too. Anyway, sorry for bad grammar and stuff. Thank you again for what you've done, I'm using a lot of what you worked for so I'm glad you did that.
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