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  1. The retro series of sites (segaretro, sonic retro, nec retro) are another scanning/uploading project. They only accept pdfs though, sadly. You can view their magazine archive here:
  2. None of these are original scans. Where these scans come from in fact is a bit of a mystery. They've been floating around various sites for some time, and we're just adding them to for the first time.
  3. If it's a Mega-CD game, then it's either the game proper or some kind of demo disc. If it's the game, then other people have likely stored a copy of it. However, if it's a unique demo disc then it should be preserved.
  4. Gamest also had a video series of released via VHS. Most of them rips are 360p, and not the best quality. I think most of these come from Niconico.
  5. My whole stance is that this is primarily about scholarship and history. First, we can see what the media was saying about these games. Second, we can find new information about the games (such as interviews, development) that we can't just by playing them that is likely exclusive to these magazines. So the fanbase for a series might debate a topic for like 20 years online, but then it turns out this debate over canon was explained already in some official guidebook or interview from the 90's. The whole idea of restricting this information is silly. This was once very public information on news stands. 100,000 people may have read that issue when it first came out. Now that information is to be hidden away for all eternity?
  6. So quite the haul. Keep up with it. And search using both English and Japanese characters. P2P are just whatever can be found online at the moment right? Archive isn't popular among the Japanese, and the titles are in English. So there's enough of a barrier that they'll likely never even realize or notice this.
  7. Thought this site had a 15 year minimum limit? 2007 + 15 = 2022.
  8. I use SumatraPDF. Despite it's name, it supports CBR/CBZ formats, and a lot more. It's really fast too. Winbloze only sadly.
  9. Periodically check PD. You might find more. The Japanese don't release many scans though.
  10. Oh, I removed my copy since I don't like duplication.
  11. The Super Castlevania guidebook should include some reference to Hippon Super, so we know it's part of that magazine. If that mag is ever scanned, we can include all of them together. Not sure how many other guidebooks Hippon Super made.
  12. I don't know how to forward ports or even know what that even means. I used to know what that meant, but I haven't done it since 2004.
  13. Here's a "cracked" version of PD. PD normally requires that you download a certain amount of "unity" to share with others before you can download or search, but this should let you set any GB amount you want. For how to use it, just google "perfect dark tutorial" and "perfect dark nodes" for the rest. You'll probably need to forward your port too. I have not personally tried it.!F0xAkK7a!PP4xTBGBYx9rwgibSyFaL7NxaV4CkLBdhp9iclFBpwQ
  14. Been uploading a lot of Gamest material. Mook means "Magazine book", and the GM series was a line of strategy guides. Here's a site which lists all of them, there are 197 in the main line, and several more in the Plus line. None of these were scanned by me, it's just stuff I've been finding but as far as I can tell isn't on Psychic Force Perfect Guidebook (Gamest Mook EX Vol. 12) Dungeons & Dragons Collection (Gamest Mook EX Vol. 83) Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Gamest Mook Vol. 34) Gamest 125 (Gokujō Parodius special issue) Treasure Gear Perfect Guide Book (Gamest Mook EX series vol. 25) Capcom Illustrations (Gamest Mook Vol. 17) Samurai Spirit illustrations (Gamest Mook World Series Vol. 18) Darius Gaiden (Gamest Mook Vol. 6)
  15. I'm finding things on Japanese manga/book sites, and I've tried finding where they're getting them. Surprisingly, many come from Western scanlation and manga/hentai sites, but others seem pretty mysterious. I think those other ones might be leaked from private JP collections. Have you tried the Perfect Dark (P2P program)? Supposedly a Japanese P2P program and might have some things on there.