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  1. Issue 77 and 108, both dealing with SFII have dropped online. No clue who's scanning these or if there's any more out there. So you've said you don't have the "special issues" correct? So this could easily work out. This project does the standard issues while these special issues pop up periodically scanned by unknown parties.
  2. That was always going to be a long shot. Thanks for searching. There's another P2P Japanese program called "Share". Might be worth checking out. And here's some common phrases to check. Just "Guide", "Official Guide", "Perfect Guide", etc that commonly appears in guidebook names. ガイド 公式ガイド 公式ガイドブック 公式ガイド 公式完全ガイドブック パーフェクトガイド
  3. GameCenter CX (ゲームセンターCX released some books. Might wanna check for those. There's also Continue magazine that interview Arino (like around 2009) and I've never seen them anywhere.
  4. I have a better quality version of this book at higher resolution. Maybe it's an upscale though? If you think it's a better quality you can upload it to replace your version. Download:[Comptiq]
  5. Good news: There's someone scanning and uploading Silent Hill Japanese guidebooks. The version of Perfect Navigation File that I uploaded was some really sloppy scan where they just threw it into the scanner without unbinding it so I'm glad someone re-scanned it. They are uploading the raw .tiff images and then cleaning them up and uploading as .pdf. I've left a message explaining how cbr/cbz is a better format.[]=Guide+silent+hill Bad news: I don't know who Sketch the Cow is but they upload a lot of files but they upload downscaled files sometimes. So first they uploaded the same R-Type Delta guidebook, but it's 80MB rather than the original size and they messed up the title! "R-Type Official Guidebook Gamemezz EX69". "Gamenezz" must be some kind of mangling of "gamest" More blatant is the Wizardy Gaiden 2 book I uploaded. My copy is 198 MB and I got it right from the original scanner's source. His copy is just 14 MB. I think he's getting this stuff from places and they're using some kind of bot to mass download and then downscale files for efficiency. Problem is that sometimes they're the only person that I can find that has certain files. Are those the original files or are they downscaled copies? And I really don't know. A lot of the stuff I get is from Japanese language manga sites and they always make sure to upload the original unaltered files. A few Guides that seem exclusive to them:
  6. Anime mags are just as important and cool as gaming mags but no one seems to be scanning them. Euro game mags are also fascinating and have somewhat spotty scanning. A lot of Spanish mags are scanned especially some of the bigger ones. French mags have scans but some are really awful and there's big gaps in them. Euro mags are also readable to me or at least easy to translate. Korean and Japanese are much harder for me to read.
  7. Okay, just going through my files and making sure I'm not double uploading. Also uploaded Xanadu Databook vol. 2
  8. I uploaded Wizardry Gaiden 2 guidebook. Now did you have this book and were planning on uploading it or maybe uploaded it before and I missed? Asking because I don't want duplications.
  9. Here is yet another Gamest Mook that I found, this time for R-Type Delta. That's the good news. The bad news is that when scanned it cuts off a sizeable amount of text near the bindings as shown with the two-page spreads (the "Y" and "P" are almost gone). This affects the interview near the end of the mook. Unfortunately this means the whole thing will have to be re-scanned. But it's better than nothing I guess.
  10. These all from Perfect Dark? Neat findings. Probably should have been scouring that P2P network years ago.
  11. Famimaga seems to be one of those right to left magazines. I can't seem to find any coherent way to determine if a Japanese mag is right to left or left to right. Only by checking 2 page spreads.
  12. I did check, and then added it to my "To Do list". But I checked around Jan 2019 and these were uploaded around March 2019. Just shows how behind the times I am. Didn't think someone would do me the favor of uploading them.
  13. 65 issues of the Russian magazine are scanned and hosted on that site. As we know sites tend to die though. Could anyone be a deer and collect them and upload them on archive? The mags are stored as images so they have to be individually downloaded and it seems like a chore.
  14. Gamest has a collection on archive, but of course not all the issues or mooks are included.. Neo Geo Freak and Famitsu need collections next.
  15. Not ideal, but at least it ensures they are backed up somewhere that is not some random site that uses external file uploading. Never know when those will simply die out or the download links go dead. Someone else should take them and upload them so they can b easily previewed though. Oh if it's something I'm interested in I read them through to the end looking for useful information. If there's anything like an interview or interesting section I have it sent for a proper translation. I'm mostly interested in the scholarship angle.