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  1. retrochain

    Magazine Donation?

    Alright then, if you're that positive, I'll sell them to the local retro games shop. Good to know.
  2. retrochain

    Magazine Donation?

    I wasn't sure if this warranted a new thread, but in the interest of keeping things organized for everyone, I'm posting this here anyway. I've been in the process of selling off much of my retro game collection, and a portion of that is a small stack of magazines. Of the ones I have, two are classified as "Missing" in the database. Nintendo Power Vol 128 Nintendo Power Vol 143 They are in good condition, and so I would like to donate them to the cause to be scanned. That is, if they are not already in anyone's possession waiting to be scanned. I do not want them back, so I do not care what method you use to take them apart and scan them - as long as they are good quality scans, of course! I would prefer to ship inside the United States, but that is only a preference. If anyone is interested, feel free to ask questions here or message me.
  3. retrochain

    Database/file mistakes & problems I've noticed

    When checking to see if my remaining small collection of magazines has already been preserved, I noticed the Gamepro discrepancy and almost came to the conclusion my issue of Gamepro had not been scanned yet - as 94 shows a different cover. Only on scrolling back up the page and catching a glimpse of the familiar cover alerted me that the issue numbers are off, and I came to the forum to see if anybody else had pointed this out. The explanation is satisfactory, but I feel like moving the entries 10 issues forward and adding dummie entries for the unpublished issues with an explanation of what happened on Gamepro's part would be better for anyone looking to donate their magazines to the cause.