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  1. Clerk37's Work In Progress

    EGM #98 15% scanned, 15% edited
  2. Clerk37's Work In Progress

    EGM #107 June 1998 100% scanned 100% edited
  3. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Cheap Vodka, and cheaper women, that's all i have to say.
  4. Retromags Map!

    What up? I'm currently in Morgantown, West Virginia Who here is the person from Moorefield on the map?
  5. Clerk37's Work In Progress

    Scanning Gamepro issue #152 - 100%
  6. Wrapping Up Loose Ends!

    Here's the poster from Issue 138
  7. Wrapping Up Loose Ends!

    I have the poster from issue 145 I just have to scan it. I will try to have it up later tonight. Edit: Here is the link Hope this helps.