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  1. @te72 Even if you don't plan on adding games to the PS Classic I'd highly suggest looking into something like Bleemsync the functionality it adds by allowing you to access the PCSX emulator that is running on that little thing makes for a much better playing experience. Also I beleive the game you are thinking about is Front Mission 3. It's a turn based SRPG featuring mechs. I haven't played it yet but I have heard good things about it and seen some videos about it. I'm a bit of a fan of the PSX era AC games the PS2 games and later sort of felt a bit off for me. I'll try to check out OC Remix at somem point.
  2. The small Playstation emulator, for $30 USD it’s not that bad and the software mods for it have matured to the point that they are easy to install and work with. Though at this price point you could also get a raspberry Pi which can do a lot more in terms of emulation. Armored core is a 3rd person shooter were you start with a basic mech and by earning money through missions slowly customize the mech to suit your playing style. The customization can get a little crazy but revolves around balancing speed, attach power and defense. The original PSX games where unique in that the first game simple entitled Armored Core was a fully fleshed out game while Project Phantasm and Master of Arena were expansions. You could take your saved files from a previous game and transfer your mech's parts and the money you earned to the next game. It is a From Software title so the difficulty especially in the later games can be a little aggravating but fair.
  3. So I rediscoved this site a few days ago and when I decided to jump in and register I found that I had done so back in 2017. Thinking back and dig through some old files it must have been when I was hunting done information on one of my favorite PlayStation Games, Wild Arms. Well fast forward to now and a cheap PS classic I found at a local pawn shop has rekindled my love for old games yet again. While my current obsession is PSX games I grewup as part of the Nintendo Generation so my inner child is Super Nintendo kid. Instead of just passing through here like last time I hope we can have some fun together and while I don't have something to contribute at the moment but I can at least help seed a torrent or two.
  4. I recently got back into older games when I found a Playstation classic for cheap. After installing Bleemsync I dug up a few Armored Core games. I just finished the first game and I'm now moving on to Project Phantasm.