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  1. nintendo power have kinda been useless for a while i hope the recent ones are nicer.
  2. right on man! scanning can be a lot of tedious work! thanks a whole bunch!
  3. ale, all the way man. ale is where its at.
  4. modded consoles are bad. only bad bad ppl play games that are; - Never released in their region - Are too rare to find to buy or would never pay money for anyway - Or if they're now too scratched to play and a backup would be perfect for - Load faster than they're supposed to - Etc Etc Etc Gee who would wanna do a thing like that. Villans, vile vile badguys thats who... =p I love playing all my faveourite games in the lamest most unsafe possible method. I think its great when a cd or dvd title is damaged so then i can go buy another one. Who would want to try a game before they buy it anyway? Backing up saves on pc is only for genius' anyway. If you mod your console nobody will buy games anymore and well never see new ones. that will be it for your fave game company. cuz you copied a disc way to go no more NAMCO, SQUARE-ENIX or CAPCOM!
  5. oh man those new ff games are really lame. you would think that with the massive improvement of gfx, sound and animation that they would also improve the gameplay. I felt that the ps1 were already linear enough but ff7, 8 and 9 were some of the most wasteful games ever. such massive worlds yet you barely ever re-visit any of them. final 4 5 and 6 all had alternative WORLDS and those really made the game huger. they could have done a lot more with the underwater of ff7 i felt. they sure did a lot with the underwater stuff in saga/ legend series on gbc. I am however very pleased with ff12. I hope more ff titles are as large and neat as this one. but id be a lot happier if they remade a classic style final fantasy. free range exploration is what makes an rpg. kind of like level select in a megaman game. if your stuck to a linear path your not really playing an rpg. the earlier ff games had that a little or at least made it look like you had it. if they make a good classic style ff thats hard as the first and long as 6 all you would need is the newer graphics to make it the best game ever made. (which many seem to argue is 6) the funny thing is that the games arent made for fans but more towards the child consumer base. more and more kids are playing games and they dont need to be smart to beat the games anymore. they just need to buy more games.
  6. Wild Guns - SNES - Natsume Anyone who likes shooters will love the game Wild Guns. Took me a minute to figure out you gotta hold down action to keep shooting, if you press shot randomly you freeze up and start lassoing. that got me killed a lot at first. Anyways, its made/ released by Natsume and almost everything they give us is gold. 3D Adventures of World Runner - NES - Square Ever heard of this one? its a Sonic Blue Sphere style action game. Mostly you just jump over holes and collect stars. It really look like it had an impact on Sonic 3 too so it was a fun find. Any other classic Square titles I missed on NES? Anyways I just need a few more posts and ill be able able to check out the retro mags. =p
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