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  1. Finally got around to shipping these out to Kitsunebi77. Enjoy everyone!
  2. Haha, they absolutely do! I acquired a bunch of magazines from the company I worked at. A lot of Videogames and Computer Entertainment early 90 issues and also a lot of NextGen. Some EGMs, GamePro, Gameplayers, Nintendo Powers, and a few others sprinkled in.
  3. They are in mint condition, I dont think they were ever read.
  4. @kitsunebi77 @Phillyman Sounds like I went to the right place. I will want to arrange with guys to figure out how to get these in the right hands so every one can enjoy these.
  5. Hello I'm new to this board. I have a small collection of PC mags that I want to make sure are recorded in history. Not sure if you guys have these or not, but before I sell them, I want to make sure they are added to the database if you dont have them.