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  1. Favorite Retro Console?

    Either SNES or PSX
  2. Favorite Video Game Music

    - Final Fantasy 4 - Mega Man 2 and 3 - Ys 1-4, Felghana - Streets of Rage 2 - Super Valis 4 (SNES) - Phantasy Star - Chrystalis - Ultima (forgot which one) for the NES - Actraiser - Suikoden 2 - Tekken 2, 3 - Secret of Mana I've probably forgotten a lot
  3. Diehard Gamefan Magazines

    I would also like to see some Diehard Gamefan Magazines for download. They were probably my favorite video game magazine. I loved the high quality paper, the tons of artwork they included, and the great layout designs they had. Also they're import coverage was among the best.
  4. Which Could You Live Without (coffee Or Chocolate)?

    Coffee, since I don't really drink it.
  5. What Video Game Did You Last Play.

    Pop n Music Fever(?) at the arcade. It was my first time playing it. It's pretty fun!
  6. Favorite Music

    My favorite types of music are: New Wave Dance/Euro Jpop/J-rnb Trance Video Game music
  7. Gamefan. Too bad I subscribed too late in its life and the magazine stopped before my subscription finished.
  8. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Jack and coke. I don't drink much.
  9. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    In no particular order 1. Terra's Theme - Final Fantasy 6 2. Crystal Theme - Final Fantasy series 3. Lunar (Sega CD) - Burg theme 4. Ys 3 - The Boy's Got Wings 5. King of Fighters 97 - New Comers' Theme
  10. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    I used to have a modded PSX but it broke. I'm planning to get a modded Saturn in the near future.
  11. Street Fighter 4 Announced!

    I don't know what to think about Capcom USA developing it. I hope Udon isn't involved in any part of the production of this, I don't really like what I've seen of their SSFT remake. I hope it stays 2-d. I don't care if its hi-res or not. As long as it looks good and plays well, I'll be happy.
  12. Anybody Remember "gamefan"?

    Yes! It was my favorite magazine when it was out. It had really great import coverage and they page layouts and paper quality was probably the best of its time. The reviews weren't always the best, but it was still a fun magazine to read and look at.
  13. What Weird Gaming Things Do You Have?

    I have a cheap Kasumi action figure from Dead or Alive with moveable joints. The arm broke off when I was looking at it though.