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  1. Maybe japaneses had too much work and stress, so much magazines are not perfectly straight or maybe 90's Indesign cannot doing straight rectangles good. Thank you for this magazines.
  2. Not, I do not worry about retromagspeople. Pdf is not a secure file, I know, but only a little more advanced users can take easy, not anybody. I prefer too pdfs for commodity. Archive is not the best place, but it is free and easy for normal users.
  3. I know, but cbz or cbr is as easy as take a winrar and open it, I only want that magazine cannot be put in parts easyly, at least stil because my project is very small and the only way to try to get bigger is take some exclusives like try to publish high resolution clean arts or interviews and translations. Pdf is a little less accesible, I know that finally anything can be done. It's the only way to try to reach more people, and maybe they want to help to complete the project. I do not mind about retromags people, more about people on the shadows XD, for example twitter people that publish an advert or games's cover without any mention. If I can complete at leas by years I will publish everything. Finally it is my work but original magazines' works do not belongs to me. I would like only to preservate it.
  4. I tried to add the image to the gallery but only here https://www.retromags.com/gallery/category/700-the-super-famicom/?page=3 Add images button appears. In the magazine page Only Image tools buttons are visible, there I can set as my profile photo or download. About magazines scans I cut page by page and fix with photoshop because when I scanning pages it are not completely flatness in my scan, and it have a distorsion. Some pages are not comppletely straight in the original magazine. Staples places give sometimes realistic aspect XD, but I only remove when it is broken or annoying the main picture. I will try remove it completly. I can send you a link for a jpgs but if you publish it as pdf, because if I use a cbz or cbr allow steal page by page without any credit and it takes long time clean and fix, and I am not in my mind publish it yet.
  5. Hello, I don't know how request a publication here, I think that if I share here somebody can check it, and if quality is good for me is ok if add to retromags. About gallery puctures, I tried before but because I am newcomer it not was possible, I will check again as you describe, the other time there were no buttons for me. I publish here to because maybe somedoby have interest in this magazine and can help too complete.
  6. Hello, I am scanning some japanese The Super Famicom magazines, I created this post for if anybody are interested in this magazine, here we can share info and help to try to complete the series. Please any comment leave below. Thank you. There are 3 issues in retromags and I have two in my archive place. The Super Famicom 1992 No. 22 The Super Famicom 1995 No. 23 The next issue will be The Super Famicom 1995 No. 19 I fixed the cover, any moderator can put is as dababase image if he/she wants. it is in my twitter the clean cover and original one if I put here it appears very big. https://twitter.com/SnesLegacy Regards.
  7. Thank you Ethereal Dragonz. It will be great if anybody have some The Super Famicom issues, I have about 6, I will try to scan and clean it when I have time, because some are dirty. I can help to scan some issues, but I take time because I only have a flat scan, and always need crop and give the right shape page by page. I already scan The Super Famicom 1992 No. 22 if anybody are interested, you can take it from my archive. https://archive.org/details/@sneslegacy
  8. Hello, I understand both, but we cannot do anything. The right thing will be that when a magazine become several years old years, it must will be became public in a digital libraries in its countries for not commercial use. But while it cames we can only gather and share it against stupid old laws. I am gathering The Super Famicom Magazine, because my budget is limited and I like Super Nes, I buy usually for suruga-ya or in auctions, I will share if I can but it will take time. By the other hand I do not know why when I scan the page is not perfecly in a rectangle and I must to fix, that it take time . Sorry Ethereal Dragonz for put so much garbage in your post. and thanks for share. I fixed The Super Famicom 1995 No.23 cover if you want Kitsunebi you can change with retromags picture. You can take for my twitter Thank you. PD: If anybody want to buy some japanese magazine only tell it, I can trade and scan it, but if it not super famicom or related it can take time scan . I just tell if somebody needs some magazine that there are in japan shop, we can try to get it. Of course I only will buy The Super Famicom issues begins for cheaper one others you will need pay it.
  9. Hello, I spoke with this guy too, but I got better conditions , not share all things and wait at least one year for share stuff. But I am looking for The Super Famicom Magazines and similar, and the problem is that he had all shared magazines plus others that maybe he changed or fron his personal collection. Some of they at cutting in the blind side. You need somethig that it is not pubished yet for trade with him. He is afraid because japanese laws punishment upload and share copyright content, in fact it is one of the main problem because japanese do not share almost nothing, other is mentality. I think that it is better and easy if somebody try to get some magazines. I would be great if there are some place where people changes magazines in Japan, but I cannot find it.
  10. Thank you so much for the scans, it is good to see some japanese magazines. , I do not like specially Gamest, but it is wellcome. I want to thanks that you scan too another magazines.
  11. Hello, I like japanese guides, it have sometimes interesting arts, it will be great to see it in anyplace and any format :).
  12. Thank you so much, I always want to see how was Japan magazines :).
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