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  1. Treshombres and kitsunebi77, those are great ways to search. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, just found the site and love it so far. Apologies if this question has been answered before, but I couldn't find an instance of it via the search function. Is there an easier way of finding all magazine coverage of a game aside from matching up the dates? For instance, I'm trying to find coverage of the 2005 game "The Warriors". I can look at some GamePro and PSM issues from it's release month of October, or the month before, but as you probably know, sometimes previews are/were done a year or more before a game's launch. It's just a super unreliable and time consuming way to search, and I have no real idea what magazines even potentially covered the game. I'm assuming all the uploaded magazines are image files and no text, so probably no way of automating a search function. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a better solution or has any tips for me. Thanks!