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  1. Interesting he mentions getting the magazine in 2004. I guess the supposed disc was from before Tekken 5 was even officially released then. I'm assuming that whatever issue it's in, it's towards the beginning of the magazine before it gets to the previews section. Thanks for looking anyway. Really puzzles me why no one is finding it. Such an elusive mystery here.
  2. OK, no edit button in sight. Guess it's because of my low post count. Anyway, the thing I'm looking for is a supposed blurb about one of EGM's staff having taken a trip to India and finding a PS1 pirate titled Tekken 5 that turned out to be a prototype of Clayfighter Extreme. To date no one has been able to find the issue, but the original mention was made back in May 2005 and they said it was some "months" prior that they had read it back then, so I'm just being careful with a general 2004-2005 timeline. Maybe others have heard this rumor. Anyway, if anyone wants to finally put it to rest, it'd be appreciated!
  3. I'll edit the first post. Not sure why I didn't think to do that tbh. Thanks
  4. Since no one has these scanned anywhere, I'm wondering if anyone out there has these issues of EGM and could look quickly for something in them for me? Basically only looking for a shot of one page, and I don't even know which issue it is since I have ambiguous info to go on. It's for an article for my (planned) site that I want to write. If anyone is willing to take a small time out for this, let me know. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for archiving this one, could have gone forgotten to time and I'd never have known it existed. Chris Gore's wiki page doesn't make any mention of it even. Going through it, I can see why this didn't get far. If future issues tried being more adult just by using language like "bullshit" they couldn't have gotten good distribution, since kids were a huge consumer base for gaming mags back then and vendors probably couldn't find a place on their shelves away from the gaming magazines where anyone would notice it, assuming it had to be placed with the more "adult" stuff anyway. Not a fan of the layout at all either. I'd still be curious to check out how they evolved in future issues though.
  6. Count me in Not sure I can beat Data at this rate but we'll see.
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