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  1. When it comes to downloading Game Machine issue, all i do is save them into a flash drive and keep them for personal reading in case the website dedices to stop releasing or downright take down their issues. Re-uploading them when the magazine's publisher is doing the job of releasing them for everybody is just retarded and asking for trouble...
  2. Leaving aside the problems you are having with archive.org JhonnyD, i hope you keep this going! Seeing scans of Gamest and Neo Geo Freak is always awesome when they show up :)
  3. It sucks that there's no one who previously worked with Gamest to preserve their issues online. Look at Amusement Press for example; They've been releasing their physical issues for online reading. It would be cool to see a former Gamest editor contact you someday to host a dedicated website and get all of their issues online instead of dealing with "upload limit crap" from Internet Archive. I would also say Retrocdn.net but i don't know what's the general opinion about the website here...
  4. First time i'm posting on the website's forums! If you wanted Dengeki Super Famicom Magazine scans, i would've told you that Benjamin Stevens at Planet Virtual Boy would've been your best bet. Sadly, a flood killed his collection of Dengeki SFC magazines, as well as his collection of Marushō Super Famicom Magazine and Jugemu Magazine. So, i think we won't be seeing more Dengeki SFC in the near future... https://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=44046#forumpost44046