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  1. gingerbeardman

    Japanese Magazines Scan Project

    Cool! Are you going to submit it here?
  2. gingerbeardman

    Japanese Magazines Scan Project

    Great news! Best of luck. Really exciting. You may want to hook up with Shmupulations who may be interested in translating some of your scans. I can't access the Google Drive, but Tumblr scans look like a good start. A query about resizing artefacts from either your workflow or Tumblr: the dots on the dotted lines seem uneven sizes and spacing, and the back/forward arrows I would expect to be smoother? I say this without seeing the magazine, though. I find VueScan to TIF gives better results than ScanSnap to JPG/PDF. It's also recommended to work on TIFs, definitely for archiving, and only convert them to JPG before zipping and uploading. You may also look to optimise your images before you upload. I use JPEGmini to get ~40% saving in filesize. More on that in my WIP thread. As @kitsunebi77 says, I agree that you'll have more luck with Patreon once people see a body of work rather than these first scans. That will show you are committed and going to stay the distance. Even more so if some good new information comes out of translations of your scans. Below are fixes to spelling and grammar of your Patreon intro. I think it would benefit from a proper rewrite as you get serious. Keep on going! Looking forward to your first full issue share on RetroMags!
  3. gingerbeardman

    Electric Brain Issue 35 (June 1993)

    Version 1.0.0


    40 pgs
  4. gingerbeardman

    Electric Brain Issue 34 (May 1993)

    Version 1.0.0


    40 pgs
  5. gingerbeardman

    Electric Brain Issue 33 (April 1993)

    Version 1.0.0


    40 pgs
  6. gingerbeardman

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    Good spot, I tracked down the problem. The green level in VueScan had been dialled down somehow (slip of the mouse wheel?) and I had not noticed it because my macOS adjusts display colours at night to ease eye strain (Night Shift). Good spot! Will redo the scans (and save the raw scans this time!)
  7. gingerbeardman

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    Yes, it could be the scanner setup. Will look into it!
  8. gingerbeardman

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    When I donated to them this year I put as my comment that they really need to spend money on a better site build. But I fear they just don't care. Time managing a new site build is time they'd rather be archiving.
  9. gingerbeardman

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    Working on it
  10. gingerbeardman

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    Here I used solely ScanTailor to edit it to this state. GAMEST Issue 038 (November 1989) ~92MB cbz
  11. gingerbeardman

    Missing magazine: GAMEST (Japan)

    That is crazy. How funny! Here's the first pass on my GAMEST Issue 038 (November 1989) 92MB cbz
  12. gingerbeardman

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    I deleted the PDF, kept the CBR, just wanted to give you info to see if it tallies with the analytics.
  13. gingerbeardman

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    FWIW I flipped the first 10 pages and then downloaded CBR and PDF, just now. Am I right to think that you upload unedited scans to archive, because they can't be uploaded here? And what is the trick to getting archive to do Japanese page order?
  14. gingerbeardman

    Missing magazine: Electric Brain

    Yea, wrong phrasing by me really. What I mean is that those magazines listed featured a more irreverent, haphazard graphic style and less regular page layouts. Maybe it's quintessentially Japanese, which is why Electric Brain "copied" that kind of layout?
  15. gingerbeardman

    Electric Brain Issue 35 (June 1993)