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  1. You're doing stellar work here! Many thanks. Any issues of Hi Score on PerfectDark?
  2. Could you please tag your Japanese uploads as "right to left" so that the pages are ordered correctly in the web viewer? Here's how: Thanks!
  3. That method seems solid. But how come your file was 7z not a zip? Is your archive app set to create 7z by default? It might be doing it without you realising. Edit: Latest file on archive is now a zip.
  4. I'm not bashing on you because I really appreciate you sharing this. But please be aware that zip is as different to 7z as far, and the files will need naming cbz/cb7/cbr appropriately. This may or may not be the problem with archive, but it will help people like me be able to view these files more easily. (I haven't checked any of your other recent files) Thanks again for the upload!
  5. I just downloaded it and my CBZ viewer (Simple Comic) would not view the file. It seems to be a 7z so the file extension should be CB7 not CBZ. So, that could also be the reason.
  6. Why has archive not done anything with the cbz (like convert to other formats)? Should it?
  7. I installed PerfectDark in a Windows VM on macOS and it is working. Opening ports was the trickiest part, as I had to do it in multiple places: modem & routers (I already had a port open so I reused that number in PerfectDark settings) in the VM using nat.conf and confirming the VM's local IP address And of course open the firewall for VMWare Fusion. PerfectDark was good enough to show the correct port open status so it was easy to see once I had it working. I found some 花札 (Hanafuda) related stuff already. So we're good to go!
  8. Please tell us how this came to be!? Thanks
  9. I've been watching Netflix "Hi Score Girl" and GAMEST features heavily in episode 5, and more. The series features quite accurate details of early 90s arcade gaming in Japan.
  10. Whilst I'm here, my search is as follows... Magical Puzzle Popils マジカルパズルポピルズ complete key to article types on this page: cm Advertisement ne Introduction (new) re Review (review) Famitsu GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【9】ne201 (#130, May 2 1991) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【13】ne184 (#134, June 28 1991) *free floating preview* GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【7◆26】re38,cm161 (#136, July 26 1991) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【10◆11】re39 (#147, Oct 11 1991) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【3・13】cm101 (#169, March 13 1992) *just a screenshot and price* GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【4・10】cm133 (#173, April 10 1992) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【7・10】cm118 (#186, July 10 1992)
  11. Thanks for the GAMEST link! Great stuff. Please do let us know when you get to the end of this journey! I'm intrigued. Linkle Liver Story リンクルリバーストーリー 1996 SS_リンクルリバーストーリー 【3▼22】31 Issue 379, 22 March 1996 SS_リンクルリバーストーリー 【4▼12】37 Issue 382, 12 April 1996