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  1. Any scanners in the UK?

    Before we hook after and order (me a used A3 scanner; you the magazines) are you sure the issues you're after are not already scanned?
  2. Any scanners in the UK?

    Let's see how I get on with my Electric Brain rescan.
  3. GAMEST (Japanese Magazine, mainly arcade, 1986/5—1999/9)

    I can find some of the issues I'm after on - prices range from 950 to 1480 - but I wondered if there are other better options? Friends of mine are heading to Tokyo in a couple of weeks and I'd like to get the magazines delivered to their B&B address when they are there. Of course I can let this opportunity pass by and wait to play the Y! Auctions waiting game... Thoughts?
  4. Any scanners in the UK?

    I bought a FUJITSU ScanSnap S1300i on Shpock today for £20+delivery (I organised collect+ for £10) which I think is a pretty good price. So really I have a few options now. @Trickster do you know, or can you find out, the dimensions of an issue of Amiga User International? Then I can figure out logistics and make a proposal/commit to the scanning!
  5. Any scanners in the UK?

    Because we're British. That's the answer to so many questions.
  6. Any scanners in the UK?

    Hahahah! Understood. I'm intending to get a used feed- through scanner soon.
  7. Help identifying a magazine (Japan 1994)

    Ah, yes you're correct. My quick glance at the review excerpt shows that it's not the same as the one in the preview. Oops, sorry.
  8. Any scanners in the UK?

    Sure, the scans above where done on my HP flatbed scanner. I generally only do camera work when I'm doing pure OCR (ebooks)
  9. Help identifying a magazine (Japan 1994)

    Seems to be issue 295? Please confirm my deduction using the information below. Here's the Famitsu page for Coca-Cola Kid: It shows an excerpt of the review which can be matched to the image in the twitter post. Issue 298 was 1994-09-02 So issue 295 would have been on 1994-08-12 That is the week after Coca-Cola Kid was released. (none in stock)
  10. Help identifying a magazine (Japan 1994)

    I see 10 auctions right now for 1994 issuesファミコン通信 1994?translationType=1
  11. Any scanners in the UK?

    These are some scans I previously did:
  12. Any scanners in the UK?

    Sure thing, let me know where I can read about quality guidelines.
  13. Any scanners in the UK?

    I'm in the UK and am happy to scan. I also have an IPEVO Ziggi HD document camera that I use for certain things (mainly books I don't want to unbind) as it's got a timer mode that takes shots every 3 seconds as you turn pages which is often far easier than my flatbed.
  14. GAMEST (Japanese Magazine, mainly arcade, 1986/5—1999/9)

    Yes, I often use alternatives to eBay like Shpock and Gumtree due to the car crash that eBay has turned into. But the sad state is that it is the largest marketplace for used stuff over here in the UK so I'm kind of stuck with it. Also, the French guy has said he does not sell scans so I'm out of luck with the approach.
  15. GAMEST (Japanese Magazine, mainly arcade, 1986/5—1999/9)

    That is totally fine by me. A French guy is selling them at £30 per issue on eBay Europe. I only want to read one article from each issue so that's way over my budget. I have asked him if I can pay for photos or scans of only the article I want from each issue, which for me seems the most straight forward solution. I've used Yahoo! Auctions before, so I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the offer to scan!