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  1. 1989&1990 issues have been added at the source. Bonus being that is no longer my job to upload to archive! Result.
  2. What about half of every article in a magazine? I jest.
  3. Interesting news regarding online download copyright in Japan. I'll await a more thorough translation and analysis, but it seems to me that: - screenshots: OK without permission - downloads: OK without permission (limited to several of ten pages) - photos and illustrations: NOT OK without permission - more than half of one episode of comic, books, magazines, and originally free magazines, comics, and online articles: NOT OK ...but what if person A uploads the first half of a magazine and person B uploads the second half?
  4. We could put together a corpus of pages of varying styles, layouts, sources and run them through all the available software and then date and grade the results? Just thinking out loud here.
  5. The only reason I uploaded the 343 issues of Game Machine to archive is because whilst I was downloading some of them myself the original site was inaccessible (error 504) time after time. So I don't think their hosting is prepared for ongoing access to that 2.4GB of PDFs, never mind all their wildly popular HSP stuff. With the "what if it went away?" question... what if RetroMags went away. Would all the scans be safe? I'm not saying they should be uploaded where else, I just hope there's a good off-site backup system in place.
  6. You're really saying all this to the wrong person. I can understand your issue, and I'm happy you can vent it here. I don't have time for drama or whatever, so I'm OK with somebody else coming along and saying "I'll help you with that" and then go off and spend time on it that I was never going to do. Yes, he could have asked nicely, but there you go. We know what that means.
  7. I also have ABBYY, both a version bundled with my Fujitsu scanner and another FineReader standalone. And I have Acrobat (very good), Prizmo, OCRKit, fScanX, ExactScan, VueScan and iText. Happy to take part in an organised test.
  8. I agree, this stuff needs to be largely automated to be useful.
  9. I see where you're both coming from but... none of us are the rightly owner of any of this stuff.
  10. Jason Scott from the Internet Archive has picked up these Game Machine uploads and is running with it.
  11. I use the Google Translate photo mode for translating screens from video games I'm playing. It is great. I have a selection of OCR if we were going to do some sort of proper testing I would be happy to take part. None is Japanese, the software that came with my Fujitsu scanner is English licensed for the Western market but it does support Japanese though not sure how well. Also, @kitsunebi77 you can try to find PDF software that lets you select text using a marquee rather than by letter/word, which will allow you to select columns of text. Whether or not you still have to flow the text into one line/paragraph I'm not sure.
  12. I've changed the link. (I had checked the old one but seems the file was removed)
  13. I've picked this up in your other thread, where I provide output of Adobe Acrobat DC attempt at OCR on a page from your recent Famitsu upload.
  14. Here's an OCR of a page from your recent Famitsu upload. I did it using the latest Adobe Acrobat DC: default settings, Japanese language specified. Cursory glance this appears to be good! Thoughts appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the insight @orenronen! Interestingly, I repeated some of your translations only 9 hours later, using Google Translate (web site), and got different results which show less of the problems/issues you outlined. Their machine learns fast!? link for below translation link for below translation link for below translation