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  1. For me the biggest barrier when taking part is editing to meet the high standards of RetroMags. Of course those standards should be in place, but they are a high bar to pass and most will give up on the way.
  2. Frank just announced he's going to be live streaming the scanning tomorrow.
  3. I scanned a book and my 4 year old was in charge of restocking the feeder. Worked a treat!
  4. *raises hand* I think it's worthy of praise, though I've never played it as it's not my idea of a good time. The main thing about Elite was that it was a trailblazer for procedural generation, and by using it they managed to fit their entire "universe" (8 galaxies, 256 planets) in the minuscule portion of the available 32KB RAM. The gameplay was interesting with a fair amount of depth in the trading and missions, though I'm dubious how novel that aspect was. Some claim that it laid the groundwork for open world games. I am slightly too young to have played it myself at the time, but I was aware my folks played it on our Acorn Electron (a BBC-comaptible whose version of Elite was slightly neutered). At the time it made a huge splash, the UK scene was on fire at the time and this was one of the best games to come out of that period. I don't know if it'd hold up today, when there are more modern sequels or alternatives to be played. *shrugs*
  5. Compare your download with this one: Thoughts appreciated.
  6. What a strange country you live in But I do love Japan so.
  7. Have added page numbers and a link to a twitter thread where I discuss a bunch of page the features/ads/articles.
  8. I also eventually got around to buying a cheap 1998-issue R1 version Kodak Q-60 color target (IT8.7/2) and generating an .ICC profile for my scanner. Kind of a waste of time, because the calibration file is meant for use only when scanning a particular glossy photo paper. But interesting to see the results! Basically a very consistent scanner.
  9. Only very minor video game action in this one (a single Game &Watch mention p.163, plus physical Hanafuda p.111, and other card games p.85,89,108 and games p.126) but I thought it worth posting. It was a quick scan with zero retouching because it was in a sorry state. POPEYE Big 100th issue (1981-04-10) Here's a twitter thread where I pull its some interesting stuff.
  10. Regarding the gibberish on the Dreamcast magazine, in the UK we have a clothing brand Superdry (no relation to the Asahi beer) who have a string of gibberish Japanese under their logotype.
  11. Offering my services to scan in the UK.
  12. Related: Yuzo Koshiro talks about the importance of Micom Basic
  13. I've played it! I own a few versions of it, WonderSwan and PlayStation. So thank you. It's no Tetris but it's a fun, well-received game released after Gunpei Yokoi left Nintendo and also after he was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. The game was named in his honour.
  14. @kitsunebi77 See my earlier comment about it being difficult to download them from the original site due to encountering frequent bandwidth outages. @godane well, "thanks", I guess!?