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  1. Please tell us how this came to be!? Thanks
  2. I've been watching Netflix "Hi Score Girl" and GAMEST features heavily in episode 5, and more. The series features quite accurate details of early 90s arcade gaming in Japan.
  3. Whilst I'm here, my search is as follows... Magical Puzzle Popils マジカルパズルポピルズ complete key to article types on this page: cm Advertisement ne Introduction (new) re Review (review) Famitsu GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【9】ne201 (#130, May 2 1991) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【13】ne184 (#134, June 28 1991) *free floating preview* GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【7◆26】re38,cm161 (#136, July 26 1991) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【10◆11】re39 (#147, Oct 11 1991) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【3・13】cm101 (#169, March 13 1992) *just a screenshot and price* GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【4・10】cm133 (#173, April 10 1992) GG_マジカルパズルポピルズ 【7・10】cm118 (#186, July 10 1992)
  4. Thanks for the GAMEST link! Great stuff. Please do let us know when you get to the end of this journey! I'm intrigued. Linkle Liver Story リンクルリバーストーリー 1996 SS_リンクルリバーストーリー 【3▼22】31 Issue 379, 22 March 1996 SS_リンクルリバーストーリー 【4▼12】37 Issue 382, 12 April 1996
  5. I typed it in using the Emoji picker and the forum converted it to an image. I first saw that symbol pre-web in Gran Turismo's driving lesson, when you narrowly missed the target time. It taunted me for years before I found out what it really meant. The index does list advertisements (they classified every page content type until 23 Oct 1992, but not the issues after that) Also, the two images do appear to be one each of left/right page so that would tally up with one each of odd/even page numbers?
  6. Cool! Thanks. So the tweet confirms 1995 as part of an ad for the game. In my bookmarks I have this cross-referenced index of Famitsu contents: Magical Popn has Japanese title of マジカルポップン Two references in 1995 are: platform_game 【issue】page SF_マジカルポップン 【1/6・13】173  SF_マジカルポップン 【3/17】38,45 The first is issue 316/317 from January, The second is issue 326 from March, Given that there were two pages in the tweet I think this is the issue you're looking for. I'm not aware of those two issues having been scanned and/or shared. But good luck tracking them down!
  7. Thanks, you see I've already missed some!
  8. The supporting art in some of these guide books is amazing. Thanks for posting them!
  9. Can you please link the tweet this is from? Magical Pop'n was released 10 March 1995 so I guess it was an issue around then.
  10. I know it's "how long is a piece of string" or "when it's ready" but - roughly - how far off will these scans be? thanks
  11. A random quick/unedited instruction leaflet scan, before I post this to a friend.
  12. Is that when scanning will start/the first scan will be uploaded? (don't want to miss any of these)
  13. Sorry for the revive, I just stumbled across a handful of issues of Technopolis on - cool design - besides the borderline hentai 1989–01 1989–02 1989–03 1989–04 1989–05
  14. @kitsunebi77 yes indeed, the EB translation was from 1992. A more complete translation came along in 2012 (still truncated) and the full thing in 2016. To the Wikipedian Yobs: I say that's noteworthy! @E-Day yes I should have! Thanks
  15. Managed to get a feature on Nintendo Life about Electric Brain, which should hopefully be seen as a reliable source.