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  1. A random quick/unedited instruction leaflet scan, before I post this to a friend.
  2. Is that when scanning will start/the first scan will be uploaded? (don't want to miss any of these)
  3. Sorry for the revive, I just stumbled across a handful of issues of Technopolis on - cool design - besides the borderline hentai 1989–01 1989–02 1989–03 1989–04 1989–05
  4. @kitsunebi77 yes indeed, the EB translation was from 1992. A more complete translation came along in 2012 (still truncated) and the full thing in 2016. To the Wikipedian Yobs: I say that's noteworthy! @E-Day yes I should have! Thanks
  5. Managed to get a feature on Nintendo Life about Electric Brain, which should hopefully be seen as a reliable source.
  6. Does anybody have Famitsu #162 they'd be willing to scan this spread from? Also reproduced in the current (April 2019) Heisei celebration issue of Famitsu. Shigeru Miyamoto interview regarding Zelda: ALTTP
  7. The Electric Brain Wikipedia page is under threat of deletion. Any experienced wikipedians in the house?
  8. Unedited scans of Electric Brain issues 25 and 32 are on This is to assist securing a couple of features from online game news websites. Hopefully they will help with the Wikipedia page, which is under thread of deletion.
  9. Electric Brain is staple bound, so not a problem for all concerned. The only reason I'm accepting them "on loan" is the owner doesn't want to give them up. A fair compromise was reached in order to get this uncommon magazine scanned and preserved. I wouldn't accept any glue bound items "on loan" for the reasons you mention: they will essentially be destroyed. I use VueScan software on macOS which works a treat. I think you can get that for Windows too?
  10. Oh dear! Oops. Sorry. I meant I find them more interesting. In my defense I wasn't aware you had not personally scanned any of these. Thanks for sharing them anyway!
  11. I'm still around, too. I have A3 scanner (fi-4530C) and am available to scan UK magazines in the UK. Just negotiated for some more Electric Brain to come my way on loan.
  12. Thanks so much for this! It has a great page about POPILS one of my all time favourites.
  13. You know I actually think these game guide scans are some of your best work. So much amazing stuff. What happens to them after you scan them? What state are they in?