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  1. I got the Pocket Games issues today. I'm going to hang onto them until i can find issues 18 and 19, then send them all to @E-Day or @Phillyman and the run will be complete. Thanks for your contribution.
  2. @Silvercube yeah if you can just post a photo of that psp issue, i'd like @E-Day to see if it looks like it will still feed through a scanner. Thanks!
  3. If you are on twitter, just follow @retromags. An (automatic?) tweet goes out every time a new magazine is posted.
  4. They probably exist in some sort of archive, but big companies seem terrible at keeping track of this stuff. Frank Cifaldi told me that all of the images in the bonus features of Mega Man Legacy Collection were scanned out of a book about Mega Man. I would have thought that Capcom could have provided an archive, but nope!
  5. YES this would be amazing. Hopefully one day the functionality will be there.
  6. OOOOH! that makes total sense in regards to 2-page ads. Sorry I was thinking you were referring to all ads in general. Again, I appreciate the feedback.
  7. You're saying that you'd rather have no ad than an ad with a very small portion of the page missing from de-binding? It must be preferable to have something, right?
  8. @kitsunebi77 Thanks. This is good feedback. Personally, I tend to come here looking for a magazine that has coverage for a specific game. So listing out all the games would be helpful for me and maybe others like me. A agree about using standard "reviews", "previews" headings as well as the descriptions for articles like interviews. I actually didn't know about the advertisement section in the gallery, and by the look of it, neither do a lot of other people. Is it ok to pull ads out of the existing uploaded mags to put in the ad gallery? Not sure what the etiquette is. Thanks again.
  9. Hey all, I have donated the few magazines I had, and I don't really have the time to edit pages. But what I can do is fill out the "content" fields where they are missing. I just want to get some feedback on one's I've done. Mainly I want to know the following. Should there be a "systems covered" line? I see this in some entries. Is it helpful? Is it better the have the system listed after every game like i did? Should the actual names of the sections of the magazines be used? ex. "Pocket Advance Previews" or just "Previews"? When using a headline for a feature (should a brief description be given? ex. Prepare to N-Gage (N-Gage Preview) It's a good idea to list the ads, right? What are opinions on including the review scores in this content section? Is it too cluttered with the system name also there? Those are my questions to start. Let me know what you think.
  10. @kitsunebi77A little while back on my way to work I saw a bunch of PC mags (both PC gamer and hardware mags) all tied up out by the garbage on the street. I would have loved to dig in and see what was there, but in NYC the fear of bedbugs is very real. It was a real shame.
  11. Are the donations still going for this?
  12. You should save an ebay alert for this if you haven't already.
  13. My goal is to find all 20 issues of Pocket Games and get them to Phillman for scanning. I got 1-14 from a guy on ebay after he gave me a decent deal. Those are what Phillman is scanning now. I'm keeping an eye out for the remaining issues. I was pissed to miss one of them recently. They don't pop up often.
  14. I donated my Pocket Games to Phillyman, who is now in the process of scanning them. However I do have a scan of the cover of issue 2 and I don't see a reference to "Xtreme Sportz". I guess we'll know for sure once it gets fully scanned, edited, and uploaded.