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  1. Here is the other movie catalogue I was working on scanning. I never ordered anything from this company back in the day so I don't have much nostalgia for it but it's still neat to check out. Kind of extra fun because the previous owner highlighted movies they were interested in and they had very....adult tastes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xwsj4m4gkoji712/Luminous Film and Video Wurks Catalogue 2.0.pdf?dl=0 If you want both catalogues from one link here you go. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s735555l99eohf4/AABd6EfnGtr_wJzTv6joiY-wa?dl=0
  2. Glad someone enjoyed it. I have another catalogue I picked up off ebay a few years back. I'll scan that as well in the next week or so.
  3. Back in the mid 90's the only way to track down rare or hard to find movies was often through grey market mail order catalogues that were advertised in the back of movie magazines like Fangoria. I've found one of my old catalogues and scanned it. Not sure if it works for uploading to this site but I figured a few like minded folks might enjoy it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ngssl6abuca6a0i/Midnight Video Catalogue 16.pdf?dl=0 It's hard to think of mailing off $20 and waiting 6-8 weeks for a VHS bootleg movie you've never seen but it's how we did it back in the day.
  4. Both of those sound really interesting. I'm currently trying to dig through my old boxes of stuff searching for my old mail order movie magazines. These magazines (or catalogs more likely) would be mostly for horror movies but it would be interesting to get those scanned and shared out on the site (or somewhere online if they aren't allowed here).
  5. The hard work is appreciated. Keep up the good work.
  6. It's so funny how we can be nostalgic for this old marketing material.
  7. Title says it all...What is your magazine collecting holy grail? For me it's the digital version of Fangoria 347 & 348. Rumor has it they sold those issues on their website before they went out of business. As of 2018 they are back in print and they are posting all their old issues on their new website (https://www.fangoria.com/archives/) which is awesome for going back and reading issues but those two are still lost in the wild. Did they every exist?
  8. I appreciate all the stuff getting scanned. It's so fun to relive older magazines. I'm going to vote for Nintendo Power as I'm only 12 issues away from a full set. 212 214 215 216 229 230 234 257 263 264 265 267 270 Honestly I'll be happy with any of the scans.
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