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  1. I have temporary access to a fi-6770 which I believe will handle A3 in the adf (and definitely on the flatbed portion - which I am not interested in spending the time to use). I would be happy to scan some mags if someone could point me to a good process "for dummies". I saw the guide under support and, while it is ok, I would be interested someone else's take on it too. I checked out some of your work, kitsunebi77, and it is impressive. You indicated that you would make a guide "one day". That would be great. What would be GREAT is if all the heavy hitting scanners posted their own workflow guides for all to see. Who knows, a great standard could be put together by cherry picking the best parts of all of them. btw, I am here because I plan to do the same thing with Guitar magazines. I am trying to learn the best way to do this and don't want to get 100+ magazines into it just to find out I could have done it better with little additional effort. While I am not a heavy gamer, I would gladly do some of the busy work for U.K. mags you cannot get done due to size in exchange for a guide through my journey of magazine preservation, albeit for a different hobby. Lastly, The only problem about doing the U.K. A3 mags for you would be that I am in Sweden so I don't know about shipping cost to here vs Australia which may just put you right back where you started.