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  1. Yeah, it seems the new systems these days just feel like another new system. I mean, sure, if I played them more I might start to get into them. Even though the technology has improved in video game systems, something about the 16-bit era really shines.
  2. I loved the Earthbound guide. I remember there were scratch and sniff pictures near the last page.
  3. Gamefan is the best! High quality magazine
  4. I loved GameFan! I had a subscription for a short time. Of course, I think we should perfect the Nintendo Power issues first. Rescan certain issues and such. Then you can say, Nintendo Power is complete except for maybe the newer issues.
  5. I remember when Nintendo 64 first came out, Nintendo sent out only a limited amount of systems. Stores were sold out in a matter of days it seemed. Maybe even faster than that. Everyone wanted their hands on a N64 but Nintendo limited the supply on purpose.
  6. I have a wax mario from a birthday party like 16 years ago.
  7. Phoenix, Arizona all my life pretty much!
  8. Well, I love pretty much all mario games. I still say 10!
  9. kizer21

    Console Wars 2007

    I'm old fashioned but I like the new systems too. Haven't played them much though.