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    Colecovision Magazine

    I have a couple issues of the Colecovision magazine which Im guessing was for the fan club. I will scan those this next week and post them here for you guys. I also have a few cardboard standup adverts for 4 different games, which Ill also scan. They are quite groovy. Im also pleased to finally have ready the Colecovision shirts which are created from an ancient iron-on transfer that was sent out to the fan club members. You can get one here, if youre into that cheaky retro stuff www.cafepress.com/toonarific Ill keep my eyes out for more iron-ons and shirt designs. Who knows, I may find others. And keep watch for those mag scans.
  2. Mind Benderz

    Won 17 Missing Issues Of Nintendo Power!

    Now what are the final missing issues? I still have the first 160 or so complete with maps and special guides. I can scan up the ones you need, but Im not sure which ones are missing. Thanks