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  1. Hi kitsunebi77! That's a reasonable assumption - but in fact these 4 magazines were unique. They were the first multi-format publication dedicated to consoles available in the UK. They were very successful and due to this C&VG used the same format to publish the new magazine Mean Machines. You can read about it here I did see that vol 1 and 4 are available - I only had volume 2 (which I read until it fell apart!) so this is the one I'm searching for
  2. I didn't realise this would be a forum post - I would like to add that this was a magazine I had and loved back in 1990, and was thrown out at some stage. I've been searching for it over the past years but no success so far
  3. Release in the UK in June 1990 Part 2 of a 4 part series.