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  1. Buy Gary Colemans Gamecube!

    i've got absolutely no idea who that guy is, but he sure made a lote of money with his cube
  2. Bluray And Hd-dvd

    LG is trying to make a compatible system for both bluray and hd. and there are discs that have both bluray and hd on both sides of the disc. i've forgotten what companies make them, but they excist (or should be released in a little while)
  3. Super Mario Galaxy

    i have to dis-agree i realy, realy enjoyed playing sunshine! way more that galaxy!! the controls work good, but I have not masterd the wii-mote, so i keep failing at some games. i have beaten about 1/4th of the game now..
  4. New Wii Remote hits stores

    yeah, just like they renewed the strap, they now include every mote with a new grip cover. check to get a free copy of the grip-cover for all the mote's you allready have..
  5. Rate Super Mario Galaxy!

    I ve got it since the day of release in Europe. ive played about 1/4 through the game within 7 hours. I don't think it's the best mario ever, but it plays quite good and makes good use of the wii-features. Unfortunatly I liked mario sunshine more. but that has a lot to do with the controls... i don't like the nunchuck too much