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  1. Fifteen Hardest Genesis/Mega Drive Games

    I'm a little surprised that the Adventures of Batman and Robin are not on that list. It's a tough and unrelenting shoot'em up!
  2. Where you from?

    I'm from Arizona.
  3. Your first game for each system

    This will be in rough chronological order: Game Boy - This was my first video game system and I believe that Mortal Kombat was the first game I had for it. My parents might have gotten me Quarth at the same time or that could have been a little bit later down the road. SNES - This was a Christmas present from my nana and it came packed in with Ken Griffey Jr. Present Major League Baseball. I'm not sure what the second game was for the console or what I got for myself. Nintendo 64 - I got Wayne Gretzkey's 3D Hockey for Christmas along with the console itself instead of Super Mario 64 which was sold out everywhere at the time. Playstation - Metal Gear Solid is the game I got with this Christmas present as well as being the game that made me want the Playstation. Gameboy Color - I believe that Super Mario Bros. DX was the first game I had for this. If it wasn't that then it was probably Link's Awakening DX. Dreamcast - Soul Calibur was the first game I got for this console for Christmas. Playstation 2 - Originally I was going to get Onimusha but I opted for Zone of the Enders once I found out that Metal Gear Solid 2 was going to be a pack-in demo for it. Gameboy Advance - I really do not remember what was the first game that I had for this. It might have been Castlevania Circle of the Moon. Xbox - I got a few games with my Xbox, which I got for my birthday and they were Fatal Frame, Shenmue II, Splinter Cell, and Mech Assault. Sega CDX - I got this for Christmas one year which I wanted for the sole reason of Snatcher. The CDX also came with the Genesis action 6-pak cartridge. Nintendo DS - I got the gold edition that came packed in with Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Saturn - I got this from a friend and I'm not sure what was the first game. I think it was Enemy Zero or even Street Fighter the Movie. Xbox 360 - I wanted this for Mass Effect and that's what I got when I bought the 360. PSP - This was a birthday present from my fiancee and it was the red God of War version with Chains of Olympus. Wii - I'm not sure what was the first game I got for the Wii. Playstation 3 - This is actually my fiancee's and it came packed in with Medal of Honor and Uncharted 2. 3DO - I bought this as part of a lot off of Craigslist. It came with Doom, Mad Dog McCree, Gex, Crime Patrol and a whole bunch of other games. Xbox One - I got the Halo Collection with this console which I won at an old job during a company Christmas party.
  4. Underrated video game music?

    Shadow of the Ninja has some great tunes. I never played it but it has that classic NES Natsume sound to it. I really love the Game Boy Turok soundtracks. They were all composed by Alberto Jose Gonzalez and all of his soundtracks are fantastic.
  5. Music and Gaming

    If it's a game with its own soundtrack I rarely put on my own music. Now if it's a game with a licensed soundtrack then I'm more likely to listen to my own music. When I had Burnout 3: Takedown, I would listen to God Forbid, Shadows Fall, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, and Slayer while careening down the road and getting into accidents.
  6. Envelope Art in the 90's! Were you into it?

    I tried doing one but like most of my artistic endeavors back then I would get started and leave it unfinished. The one envelope art that I remember was drawing Venom and Spider-Man in a MK3 style vs. screen.
  7. Mortal Kombat Trilogy

    Nintendo 64 version is the one that I played the most. I played a little bit of the Playstation version but I prefer the N64 version.
  8. Super Metroid

    Super Metroid is just a well designed game that few games of this genre can really match. Although despite how good it is I do prefer Metroid Prime over Super.
  9. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

    This game is a lot of fun! I love the nods to B-movie horror and the tongue-in-cheek humor. One Halloween I actually dressed up as Zeke. I made my own shirt and painted a Nerf gun red. One of the easiest costumes I've ever done.
  10. Top 10 PS1 Titles

    Here's my top 10: Xenogears Chrono Cross Final Fantasy VIII Front Mission 3 Driver Soul Reaver Metal Gear Solid Ape Escape Street Fighter Alpha 3 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  11. does anyone think 3DO's controller contributed to its failure?

    The 3DO controller really wasn't that bad. It's pretty ergonomic although it did not have as many buttons as the SNES, it had enough to get the job done. The high price, lack of third party support and quality titles really tanked the system. I think that the high price is the ultimate contributor to the 3DO's demise.
  12. Would You Want To Buy Magazines From Retromags?

    Doesn't matter when copyrights last for the duration of the author plus 70 years. Though yeah, would they notice? More than likely not. Hell it would be great to get this officially, but it's not going to happen.
  13. Egm (1990 - 1995) To Scan

    Ah I guess I did misread. Sorry, my bad. Hey Tortri, do you have a scanner at all? That would definitely help out to fill out the gaps.
  14. Would You Want To Buy Magazines From Retromags?

    I'd definitely be interested in taking some of those older EGMs off your hands. And if you want to get technical, the act of scanning is technically copyright infringement. But I'll still do it anyway.
  15. Egm (1990 - 1995) To Scan

    Alright I thought I had 1990 issues but the earliest I have is September 91 (26). You said you're up to 45? I have 46 and 48 though that one is missing half of it's doorway cover unfortunately. Here are the issues I have earliest on: 26, 27, 29, 35, 37, 38, 40-43, 45, 46, 48, 51-217 (though I'm missing some up till 200). So yeah I'll check the WIP and hopefully I can help this wonderful project out.