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  1. I was a gameboy only user back then and completely missed the 16 bit era back then.My first home console was the n64 But I am very eager to experience the 16 bit era with the Mega Drive and the SNES. I am more interested in original hardware though but after reading some good stuf about the Mini I a am not so sure anymore. Will be a not so easy decision which way to go Original or the Mini....
  2. Yes Edge is great mag. I still read it sometimes, when I get hold off it at magazine store at the train station. Unfortunately they do not have it always. Will check the older Edge out as well. Thanks for the tipp with Kiwi Worlds.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Then I will just check everything out I can get a scan to check out how the magazines were back then. It is an interesting thing to do. Considering that there were even lots of German magazines I have never heard off, it will be even more vast putting in the English speaking magazines in the equation.
  4. That is a rather unique question I guess but might be still interesting for some guys. As I Austrian guy I grew up with German gaming mags. My favorite gaming magazines were the Fun Generation, Video Games and Mega Fun. The UK/US Magazines were quite unknown to me at t hat time. But since recently I have become interested in gaming magazines of other countries, that's why I am here. I am know wondering what US/UK gaming mags you would still consider still worth checking out today, without the nostalgia Bonus. Would be curious if some guys could share me your thoughts.