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  1. That seems to be a curator of the Internet Archive, Jason Scott. I just now learned that he did an old documentary about text adventure games that I watched years ago, Get Lamp. Small world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Scott
  2. I actually have a couple Deception-related things that I can share here when I get around to it. The bonus DVD that came with the Japanese release of Trapt (which includes a small artbook), and a retrospective artbook that came with Deception IV.
  3. No worries, everyone has their interests. Personally I can't stand most Western mags, even as far back as the early 90's. They're always trying to sell you shit. If you're lucky you'll get a dev interview and some beta screenshots. Hence me reading JP gaming mags lately. I might see about getting a few interviews translated.
  4. You should check this mag out. I've been reading a bit of it every now and then, pretty interesting so far. I'm considering buying more issues to scan (if it's not a pain in the ass to find them).
  5. Like I mentioned before in the Japanese mag thread, I have a backlog. I can either scan stuff or I can edit scans specifically for this site. Maybe once I'm through my backlog. I did ask for a volunteer editor for my Crash Team Racing guide scan months ago, but no one offered or responded, so...
  6. I might also end up buying some JP mags to scan (Game Criticism is really interesting), do you mind if I also link those here since it's a thread about scanning JP mags?
  7. Well, before you delete all your books just because someone else was mirroring them, would you mind taking a screenshot or running directory print so we know what you have? I wouldn't mind uploading them myself. Edit: Hey I can finally edit my posts now.
  8. I usually go for the raw unedited scans whenever possible so I can edit them myself. Storage isn't an issue so it's whatever.
  9. The fewer eggs we have in one basket, the better. You should see how fast my uploads are mirrored onto Japanese filesharing sites when I upload artbooks, guidebooks, etc.
  10. Correct. All of my color 600dpi scans are the same size before I crop them. Even if I scan a blank piece of paper. It's just a matter of physical scan bed area dimensions x resolution (DPI).
  11. That's my take on it as well. Scanners scan, editors edit. If there's an editing backlog, it means there's a shortage of willing editors with free time to work on the scans, so... On that note, I need to find a larger flatbed scanner for A3 books too. I think they start at $350 though so I've been procrastinating on buying one. I'm not even sure if flatbeds are being made as often anymore.
  12. Thus we've come full circle. Such is life.
  13. Oh, you mean the weird rainbow pattern. Sorry, in the community I scan for moire is colloquial for the inkjet dots that you have to apply light denoise to, so that was a misunderstanding on my part. I'm also not used to referring to the pixel resolution as ppi since manga scanlations get exported as 72DPI PNGs usually. In any case, when I said "future-proofing", it's a real thing in scanlation because the early 2000s scanners basically didn't know what they were doing and were exporting 1024px JPGs that look awful nowadays. I'm used to scanning in 600dpi because of image editing. Finally, when I mentioned over-leveling, I don't normally do that. I just did that for the Game Critic books since they're printed on garbage paper and are mostly text, so I'm not really losing anything by leveling it a bit to get rid of the pulp (the photos of developers, etc. are dark and blurry anyway). Plus it's easier for ABBYY Finereader to OCR it if it's leveled. It's a case-by-case basis if you want to archive it.
  14. Flatbed scanners have a CCD lens, which is important when scanning art (which I've done a lot of -- about 1,200 books, 150-300 pages each with some outliers like 1,200 pages). I've compared several scanners around the same price range and settled on the Canon because I liked the results best. As for paper, some artbooks would definitely not fit in an AFD scanner, or might get damaged by the auto-feeder.
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