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  1. I saw on twitter that somebody is uploading to archive 60 years of scans of a daily newspaper and it completely blocked the queue. Should be good in a day or two.
  2. When in a climate controlled surroundings, even amateur, paper can survive for decades easily. Lamination would allow it to withstand greater stress, but I fear only short-term, i would be worried what the lamination does in, say, fifty years.
  3. Very nice writeup. I realized I was never much of a "gamer" in the sense of playing every evening. I never got into any big multiplayer scene. I am interested in the history of gaming the same way a historian is interested in the middle ages. But as for games themselves, oh do I have some nice memories with them. And it's not about what's trandy, or was at a certain point of time. I think games have immense possibilites to create experiences and that's what I value them for.
  4. Especially when it's game art like this, seamless join is much appreciated. Thanks a lot for spedning time with it!
  5. Another obscure newsletter, about the Neo Geo Pocket, info here:
  6. UK mag, continues the Control magazine
  7. Release press info: Picture of a random issue:
  8. Another very obscure magazine, found here:
  9. Looks like a rare magazine about an obscure console. Probably only the three issues released? All info you can find online is in this one store:
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