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  1. I am sure any scans that adhere to the guidelines here would be very appreciated. And even just filling the database, so we know what's missing.
  2. He is now in the process of organizing his stuff. I am sure to add anything missing in a topic like this, but I guess we will soon enough see something more organized than twitter threads.
  3. Yeah, outrageous prices, but i wanted to let you know there is an option And I am just glad there is more cooperation between communities. I have been volunteering with Frank at Game Informer and I know he has the best intentions only. He is working almost single handedly at an enormous scale. I am sure there is enough stuff coming up from the civicminded donation and VGHF will fill a lot of gaps in the database in the future.
  4. Issues 0-9 exist.
  5. Issue 1 is on ebay right now: And I sure hope VGHF gets extra issues in a donation or something, as that would mean they would be sent to a retromags scanner
  6. Extremely rare insider magazine, around 30-40 issues released.
  7. As per this tweet, only two issues released. issue
  8. The focus here is mostly on english and to an extent japanese magazines... which just means you are the best person to take on the job of managing a finnish section! I am sure covers and database entries would be welcome. And if you are brave enough for scanning, that would be fantastic!
  9. I saw on twitter that somebody is uploading to archive 60 years of scans of a daily newspaper and it completely blocked the queue. Should be good in a day or two.
  10. When in a climate controlled surroundings, even amateur, paper can survive for decades easily. Lamination would allow it to withstand greater stress, but I fear only short-term, i would be worried what the lamination does in, say, fifty years.
  11. Very nice writeup. I realized I was never much of a "gamer" in the sense of playing every evening. I never got into any big multiplayer scene. I am interested in the history of gaming the same way a historian is interested in the middle ages. But as for games themselves, oh do I have some nice memories with them. And it's not about what's trandy, or was at a certain point of time. I think games have immense possibilites to create experiences and that's what I value them for.
  12. Especially when it's game art like this, seamless join is much appreciated. Thanks a lot for spedning time with it!
  13. Another obscure newsletter, about the Neo Geo Pocket, info here:
  14. UK mag, continues the Control magazine
  15. Release press info: Picture of a random issue: