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  1. Love To See These Mags...

    i'd love for someone to scan in old copies of zzap!64 (an english gaming magazine from the 80's so it might be something our friends across the pond can do). ooh or crash magazine. btw, if you like 80's retro gaming you should see retrogamer magazine (also from england, at $13/issue, ouch!) but it is a great magazine currently published. love to see some of it's early issues scanned as they are hard to find. on a geekier note... i'd also love to see scans of the last page of pc/computing magazine that had a monthly article with penn jillette (of penn & teller) oh and also i'd like to reread those old columns from boot magazine (now known as maximum pc) with alex st. john aka "the saint". he had some great debates w/ john carmack of id software. or even old issues of 2600... -ds
  2. Next Generation Magazines

    wow, that's a great collection. i loved that magazine.