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  1. This will seem like an odd question but have there ever been any game magazines aimed at the games industry? Like a trade magazine, where the intended audience is developers/publishers and not players/consumers. Does Edge/Next Generation count?
  2. What in the everloving fuck is that duck thing supposed to be
  3. I had this. It was better than the Prima guide, which spent most of their page space on these dumb comic book characters and had a terrible layout.
  4. Fun fact: They actually made a localized version of one of the segments on Fun with Kato-chan and Ken-chan for the American market, and it's still ongoing today. You might know it by the title America's Funniest Home Videos. That fact never ceases to amaze me. R.I.P.
  5. One thing I noticed about this magazine is they didn't specifically just cover video games, but rather handheld anything. If it fit in your hand they'd cover it, I think they had a whole section on yo-yos in the issue I had (yo-yos being huge in the summer of 2000 for some reason). Pretty sure they even covered early cellphones and pagers at one point.
  6. I remember some kid at my summer program reading this back when it was blowing up. I only remember the Pokemon Times part, I thought that was completely different from Pokemon Power. Edit: On page 10 it says you can trade a "Kung-Foo" for a "Spectre". Not only were these the prerelease names for Machoke and Haunter, those were only in the Japanese Blue version. It's obvious they were working with a beta while writing this ("The Brock wants to fight!").
  7. You'd have to be some kind of Photoshop god to salvage the cover of my copy, it had huge chunks missing and everything. I'd have a better shot tracking down the person who took the picture in this thread and taking their copy instead (I don't think mine was sealed since I didn't have the bonus code book thing). The sad thing is I have a ton of magazines that were in relatively good quality but I shoved them into these crappy plastic longboxes that were so crammed to the point that they'd tear if I tried to take them out. My local game store has a ton of old mags and if I ever buy anymore from them I'll do the right thing and keep them in the protective bag they come in.
  8. mvangord


    "Reviewed Iniside!" because proofreaders are dead.
  9. Either someone bought the issue #1 on eBay or nobody bought it and it wasn't relisted. Anyway I'm pretty sure only those two issues existed, I'd dig up the one I have but it is not in good scanning condition.
  10. Was this one of the last issues that had the subscriber page? I don't remember exactly when they got rid of that.
  11. This was the second issue I ever bought (the September 2000 Gold & Silver issue being the first). It's funny how excited for the Final Fantasy movie they all were.
  12. I think I found a copy of this at my old middle school library (or a different issue from 1999) where the WWF Attitude ad on the back was replaced with a page where it said something like "This ad was too much for some people, go online to see it in full" or something to that degree. Was this a difference in the retail and subscriber copies or was it something completely different?
  13. This reminds me of that time infamous figure in the Transformers comics Pat Lee tried to write his name in Japanese and it ended up saying "Michiyamenotehi Funana". You probably shouldn't try to write something in another language if you have no idea how the language works.
  14. This guy popped up in my recommended feed the other day. Nice to see this series isn't dead.
  15. I think this was the first issue I bought when I started regularly reading EGM again. I really liked the period with Shoe as EIC, it started going downhill after he left.