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  1. Someone needs to post the early early strategy guides where nobody was allowed to use any official art and the cover for the Super Mario 64 guide was just a drawing of his eyes. And then there was that weird Ocarina of Time guide that was kinda a guide but also a novel? They did the same thing with a bunch of Pokemon games.
  2. Maybe we'll find the elusive second issue of NGamer somewhere in that pile! You could fill a whole library with this donation alone.
  3. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks!
  4. It's even worse if it has that motion blur effect that makes everything look like a soap opera or a country music video. Glad my TV wasn't one of those where that was the default setting.
  5. I found a British lottery ticket in an issue of Cube UK I bought once. Too bad I'm American so the only pounds I'm gaining are on my thighs
  6. We should try to make some kind of thing here that lists all the pack-in stuff various magazines had for each issue. Nintendo Power was probably second only to GamePro in just how much crap they managed to shove into that plastic casing. They had that subscriber bonus issue (which was just a catalog), those Pokemon comics, the pull out posters that ruin the magazine when you take them out since there's part of an article on the back, rare Pokemon Eon Ticket, a whole bunch of catalogs (there was this blue one from 2003 I'd like to see someone archive) and the like. Does something like this seem feasible to anyone here? This does seem like the kind of stuff that tends to fall through the cracks. Especially those goddamn posters.
  7. Seriously though what was up with that site and those letter grades? Did people really want to be reminded of GameNow? I really hope someone saved all the podcasts and stuff they used to upload there though, there was some pretty good stuff there.
  8. My favorite part of EGM was how they weren't afraid to speak their mind when it came to reviewing. I remember how shocked I was that in the same issue that had State of Emergency on the cover they gave it middling-to-bad scores. And of course the time someone gave the first Assassin's Creed a 4.5 (which is what it deserves honestly). EGM the website? Gave a 9.5 to Aliens: Colonial Marines. Which happened to have a bunch of paid content on their site. If you're going to make the site any better, start with that shit.
  9. I remember this one issue of GamePro I had from around 2002 that had this pack in book that was basically a catalog for a lot of ADV Films titles. Kinda weird since anime DVDs were more Play's territory, don't remember GamePro doing much in that department. It'd be nice if more publications had some sort of list of all the pack-in/subscriber bonuses that came with them. I guess if people send mint copies they could get everything but I get why that would be hard to part with.
  10. Apparently NGamer might have become this at some point? Doesn't make sense for them to publish a magazine for all Nintendo stuff and one just for the GBC at the same time.
  11. I already posted about this in the other thread but let's just make it official here. Published by Imagine, based in the US, appears to be a bimonthly/quarterly, did not last long. Completely separate from Pocket Games.
  12. That's not my copy btw, just the only image of it I could find online. Too bad I couldn't resize it and find out what issue it was based on the bar code. I didn't find anything else when I used on Imagine's website at the time so it probably didn't last too long.
  13. Nice selection you've got there! I think I own this one issue of PSM where they outlined a hypothetical RPG that defied the cliches of the time and they had art of this one character who healed people by doing live surgery on them. Eeeyuck. I think it was around late 2002 since it had a bunch of stuff on the first SOCOM. Got it from my dentist's office of all places. Also looking forward to the NPs being complete because you guys are the only scanners of it anywhere who keep the posters (which have important stuff on the side of them, nice design choice people who made the magazine )!