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  1. Now that I think of it the art did look very Empowered-ish. Surprised I didn't notice that before. I could've sworn the issue was later (it had ads for Ninja Assault, Sub Rebellion and My Street) but maybe I'm confusing two issues.
  2. I had an issue of this despite never owning a Sony system at the time, it was something I got at a dentist's office they let me keep since it was a back issue. I don't remember the cover but there was a story on making an RPG with no cliches (you're not the chosen one and your hometown doesn't blow up) and they had an image of a healer who was covered in blood. Pretty sure it was late 2002, Vice City might've been on the cover?
  3. I downloaded this and got the October 2005 issue instead
  4. Just in case he didn't get the alert @jonphilmitch
  5. It's back up! A little pricey but hopefully someone here gets it
  6. Dana Gould was the US voice, it was someone different in the UK.
  7. There's one in particular I haven't been able to find ever since it came out. It was a pamphlet for various Nintendo releases from mid-2003 to 2004 and beyond that was published in the summer of that year. I think I got mine at a Toys R Us kiosk. Some of the games advertised in it never actually came out (like the US release of Nintendo Puzzle Collection and a game called ESPionage that I think just became Psi-Ops?). The cover was blue and that was all I remember about it.
  8. I have issue 2. It's in my basement somewhere and it's in terrible condition with a ton of tears plus I don't think I got the attatched Pokemon code book but if I ever dig up my old crates I'll try to pry it out of the overstuffed magazine holder I shoved all my old game mags into.
  9. mvangord

    Eaton's Memories

    I meant more like flyers, like the kind you'd get in the paper or at the kiosk at the front of the store. That was where they'd put the GMR issues during their short-lived partnership.
  10. mvangord

    Eaton's Memories

    If anyone had any Electronics Boutique catalogs that'd be great. They were the only game-centric shop where I lived until GameStop unleashed their tendrils on everything.
  11. I had the BradyGames and Prima guides that were made back when they couldn't use official art so the cover of one of them was just Mario's eyes and the other one had some random comic book looking characters on every page. Also, way to spoil the 100% completion reward on the cover EGM.
  12. Does anybody know what this was? Was it a store or a mail order catalog or something?
  13. Found the issue I had going on ebay for cheap.
  14. That sounds like it might've been Cracked actually?
  15. This will seem like an odd question but have there ever been any game magazines aimed at the games industry? Like a trade magazine, where the intended audience is developers/publishers and not players/consumers. Does Edge/Next Generation count?