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    I definitely had that issue of Pocket Games, I only really used it for the Crash Bandicoot GBA walkthrough in it. Keep doing God's work, these are some seriously great finds
  2. No idea how my stuff got into your quote. The cover might actually not have been Xtreme Sports (which was one of the first WayForward games apparently) but actually Spider-Man, since there was a huge walkthrough on the GBC Spider-Man game in it. That's about all I remember about it. I wish I at least remembered the title. On a side note, I bought an issue of some UK publication once that was being sold at Barnes & Noble and found a British lottery ticket in it. I think it was Cube or something? There was this section where they commented on the top 10 best selling games and they just used it to go on a tangent about Arctic Thunder. I might be thinking of two things.
  3. I thought it might be something like Pocket Gamer but that's a UK publication apparently? Either way I have the actual issue in my basement but the odds of me unpacking it before we move again are astronomically low.
  4. I had this one magazine, probably the first video game magazine I ever owned, that was some sort of handheld game magazine (it may be the elusive issue 2 of Pocket Games but I'm not sure since I had issue 6 or so and they were nothing alike). The cover story was on some obscure GBC game called Xtreme Sportz (yes, really) and it had a ton of mostly badly translated information about Pokemon Gold & Silver that was occasionally flat out incorrect (saying Entei was a Fighting type). It gave some pretty scathing reviews to a couple of games too, the two terrible Austin Powers games and Star Wars Yoda Stories I think? Then they had a post-mortem on the Neo Geo Pocket Color with a drawing of Mario taking a piss on the system's grave. If only I could dig it out of my basement and the cramped binders I shoved so many of my game mags into...