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  1. Weird, I checked that issue and the feature didn't appear to be in it.
  2. mvangord

    Okage: Shadow King 02

    Why is this in the Xbox section when it was published by Sony
  3. I've recently remembered another magazine I had that I can't seem to put my finger on. It was maybe handheld based (possibly Pocket Games) but so far if it was it isn't any of the issues here. All I really remember is it had a walkthrough for Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure/XS and during it they made a joke about one of the levels being named Air Supply after the horrible band. It might've been some sort of Nintendo fan mag but I don't have any details other than what I mentioned.
  4. I definitely had this. Also seeing the cover reminded me of a magazine I had that I can't seem to identify. I think it had a handheld focus since it featured a walkthrough on the Crash Bandicoot GBA game. Maybe it was a UK magazine, the Barnes & Noble where I live stocks quite a few of those.
  5. Another cancelled game that got a cover. Shame this one never came out.
  6. This magazine had lower production quality than the average late 90s Cash Money album cover huh
  7. "Devil May Cry 2" and "masterpiece" should only be used in the same sentence if the phrase "is far, far from a" is between them.
  8. I'm just confused because the issue was supposedly cancelled just before release but the digital version has the layout of the revival instead of what they were using at the time with the letter grades. Edit: nvm I'm thinking about the February 09 issue
  9. For consistency reasons (and the fact that it screws up the chronologic listing) this should probably be renamed issue 20 (it's issue 8 of volume 2).
  10. I remember reading part of this issue when a friend at a summer program I went to had it. Nice to see it finally here!
  11. Pages 107-115 are missing. Also there's a little warping on the ad on page 67.
  12. I had this. Nice to see some of the "we can't license any official images" era of strategy guides on this site. I also had the BradyGames guide which was slightly better since it didn't devote tons of page space to a bunch of GamePro-ass comic book people. Also this guide refers to a Shy Guy as a "ghost Koopa".
  13. I'm glad this era of NP is finally here since my issues from this period are so jam packed into the magazine holder I put them in that I can't take them out without partially destroying them. This is what I get for putting all my NP stuff in a single holder, 11 year old me wasn't very interested in preservation.
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