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  1. This reminds me of that time infamous figure in the Transformers comics Pat Lee tried to write his name in Japanese and it ended up saying "Michiyamenotehi Funana". You probably shouldn't try to write something in another language if you have no idea how the language works.
  2. This guy popped up in my recommended feed the other day. Nice to see this series isn't dead.
  3. I think this was the first issue I bought when I started regularly reading EGM again. I really liked the period with Shoe as EIC, it started going downhill after he left.
  4. We never were truly free of the scourge that was crates in video games.
  5. Issue #1 is on eBay! Cover's pretty busted up but the rest is apparently salvageable. This means my issue is apparently #2 and it was a bimonthly/quarterly, as well as an offshoot of "Hard Core Game Guides", whatever that was.
  6. I remember getting this issue when it came out and being disappointed at how few reviews were in it compared to normal. Then again it's pretty silly of me to be reading GamePro for the reviews anyway.
  7. Count yourself lucky you never played the damn pachinko level. I don't think I fully attempted that one myself although I remember losing a ton of lives pushing that leaf down the poison river.
  8. IDK, I think the Galaxy games get way more respect than something like Sunshine. Never understood why that game has such a large hatedom (aside from the pachinko/leaf levels and the final level).
  9. Jeremy Parish (formerly of EGM) is doing something similar to this on his channel, going through every NES, SNES and Game Boy game in chronological order. It's amazing how you can find some sort of story from even an obscure GB baseball game that was only released in Japan.
  10. I think this is the first issue of this I had that had the picture puzzles. Probably still have it in my basement.
  11. Yep, this was the first issue of this I bought. I remember the different versions of PaRappa and the Onimusha Warlords guide quite vividly, but the reason I bought it was for the Paper Mario coverage. Thanks!
  12. Someone needs to post the early early strategy guides where nobody was allowed to use any official art and the cover for the Super Mario 64 guide was just a drawing of his eyes. And then there was that weird Ocarina of Time guide that was kinda a guide but also a novel? They did the same thing with a bunch of Pokemon games.