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  1. Hey man, that's good news. If they are going to get scanned for all to enjoy, I'm psyched to drop them to ya. I will be traveling from Indy to our cottage in Ludington on Thursday afternoon, stopping in Kokomo to trade a drum set for an Atari, lol... If we can figure out how to meet up, maybe Michigan City, I would be happy to load up the mags. I can send pics first. Is there anything you might be willing to trade, game/software/hardware? I have a robust collection, and am looking for maybe something hard to find (for no other reason than ebay existing, making common stuff more expensive), like a Commando 7800, or Ikari Warriors; anything homebrew or unique for Lynx, Jag, 7800, Neo Geo... This is not a binding request... And if this week doesn't work, if you could just let me know your background, or some indication that if I drop all of these to you, they will be shared for all to enjoy? Without looking at them, I think I have first 4-5 Nintendo Fan Club, A+ condition, a couple 2-3 Nintendo Power (within first 10), and Electronic Gaming Monthly from issue 20 on, plus some Game Informers, and inserts. Bottom line; one big, heavy box, stacked with mags. Since diagnosed terminal, I am very much enjoying meeting and interacting with other big gamers; I used to do a Comic Con booth, but don't have the strength anymore... I think this box of mags and old school publications belong on a site like Retromags, rather than in my garage!! I look forward to working something out.
  2. Awesome. I don't have this one, but I have a couple of boxes of EGM. Anyone know who would like these? Be happy to trade for cartridge based games Turbografx, Lynx, Jaguar, 7800. Located in Indy, think shipping is too expensive; I travel to North Michigan often. Also have Nintendo Power, and Nintendo Fan Club... not interested in monetizing them, just getting them to someone active in the community, maybe fill some holes in my physical games collection.
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